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Frequent lag spikes and disconnects


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I started playing the last week of April 2016 and the first seven days or so everything was fine. No lag, no disconnects, awesome fps.

Then, suddenly, I started having 3-10 seconds long screen freezes especially during battle. The server obviously goes on but my client freezes (=>my character keeps losing health the opponents keep attacking). Sometimes those freezes end in a disconnect (I'll be happy to post a error screenie if it will help out any). I noticed that GameGuard says Inactive in the task manager after such a crash.


What I already tried:

- File Repair. Like xx times.

- Another internet connection

- disabled antivirus (AVAST) prog while playing

- disabled all progs mentioned in guides about this topic


What I'm running BnS on:

- Windows 8.1 64-bit

- Nvidia GTX 850M with the newest update

- Intel Core i7-4510U @ 2 Ghz 2.60 Ghz

- 16GB RAM


Well my specs can hardly be at fault anyway since it used to run fine, just adding them for reference.


Thanks for any advice!:)


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I'm having the exact same problem, it's really annoying especially in pvp, when it unfreezes i'll either be dead already or have half health. >.< Google isn't providing me with much information but i'll let you know if i do find a solution to this. 

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Every time they release a new patch this shit happens, I did it all nothing works and I know not everyone has this problem but none of us should have it, I can´t even do normal daillies like this 2 sec delay or freeze and you have no idea what you are doing,




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