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  1. BnS not using my max cpu core clock

    I was messing with the affinity settings for a while now but to no avail. However I did decide to manually overclock all cores to same clock speed and now BnS using 4.8ghz. I appreciate the help
  2. So recently I upgraded my cpu to i7 8700k and did a auto overclock to 4.8ghz but BnS caps at 4.5ghz. Now from my understanding I've been told that 4.8ghz is for 1 core only, but doesnt BnS use 1 core? I made sure to check if any of my other hardware was bottlenecking my cpu, but my Geforce GTX 1070 is only between 50 - 70% usage and my ram 80% (fluctuates 6-7gb out of 8gb) oddly enough when I'm idling my cpu caps at 4.8ghz. Is BnS using a core that isnt the 4.8ghz? Should I try setting all cores to that speed? Much appreciated for the help! The reason I want to overkill with the core speed is because I have a 144hz monitor and I would like to gain as many fps from my hardware. I acknowledge BnS max fps is 120 but I only get that when there's no players on my screen, when I'm in a 6 man party during combat it can fluctuate between 40-70 fps with max settings
  3. Frequent lag spikes and disconnects

    I'm having the exact same problem, it's really annoying especially in pvp, when it unfreezes i'll either be dead already or have half health. >.< Google isn't providing me with much information but i'll let you know if i do find a solution to this.
  4. [SOLVED] Constant bns crash report error

    May i ask what updates you made you think it made it work? I get the same crash report but not where you get it, i get it at random places every 10.15 minutes... For the past month now so it's getting reeeeally annoying, tried everything i could possibly find for a solution but nothing worked. And also! while i was reading your post it felt as if i was reading my own story! i too submitted a ticket and they kept giving me these weird tips that didn't really make much sense as to why these solutions would cause the crashes. But i was pretty desperate so i was willing to try anything, but of course they didn't work. They also kept telling me to repair my files even though i clearly stated that i reinstalled the game twice 3 times in 3 different posts. It felt like i was having a conversation with bots (no offense) but really it felt like they didn't read what i wrote and just gave me some random solutions.
  5. Crash fix for none razer users?

    I officially can't do anything in game anymore, it literally give me crash report every minute after loging in for the past week now. :c
  6. Crash fix for none razer users?

    But if it's the game then shouldn't everyone in NA/EU be having this same problem? I feel like i'm the only one crashes when i ask random people in game if they get these crashes and they tell me no.
  7. Crash fix for none razer users?

    *sighs* nevermind~ looks like it was nothing more but pure luck for it not to crash on that day...
  8. Crash fix for none razer users?

    Or is it?... After so much struggle and effort to solving this problem I just oddly discovered and theorized that maybe if i installed the game on my other hard drive the miracle would happen and far out it did!... Or i at least hope so anyway, i did this yesterday and played for a few hours doing quests, loading screens, pvp etc etc plus on top of that i went afk for another few hours just for experimenting purposes then i came back and surprisingly the game was still running. Now i must be either extremely lucky for it to last that long uncrashed or i indeed have fixed the problem. From my theory i'm guessing that my hard drive that the game was previously installed on had difficulties rendering the game for some odd reason even though this does not happen with any other of the games installed on that hard drive and programs. But anyways i hope that you too have another hard drive to try this out, it might work for you or it might not, but definitely worth the try at this point. I'll also keep you posted whether if i'm still experiencing crashes or not. Good luck!
  9. Crash fix for none razer users?

    Please help, ever since the level 50 patch/update came out BnS would crash every 10-20 minutes, if i'm really lucky 1 hour. Before this update it wouldn't crash at all, so for the past week now i've like visited every forum regarding crash issues to find the solution but the only thing i could find is disabling Razer Chroma SDK Service, which i don't have listed in my services because i don't have razer stuff... I've tried so many things, from reinstalling and repairing all the way to basically disabling every process that i'm allowed to thinking the cause of the crash is from a program interfering with the game, unfortunately nothing worked. :c
  10. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    I solved the problem without having to exchange my hard drive! :D All i literally did was reinstall the game. I guess uninstalling the game deleted the files that were in the bad sectors of the hard drive and when i reinstalled it it installed the files on the good sectors. Well that's my theory anyways. xD
  11. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    Do you think it's a good idea to move my BnS files over to my C drive? or would that make things more laggier and more likely to crash minus the the hard drives disappearance? Also i'm appreciating everyone's reply and kind words. ^-^
  12. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    *sigh* i just called the place where i bought my hard drive and it looks like i'm just 3 months out of warranty... Is there absolutely anything i can do about the hard drive disappearence?
  13. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    To be honest i think nothing will extend it's life at this point, i've been pushing it the past 6 months. xD My plan now is hopefully i still have warranty on my G drive so i can replace both of them with it, so that would mean i have to reinstall my OS and do a crap load of back up to do. I just hope that all this effort will pay off in fixing the problem.
  14. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    Makes sense actually because i have the client on my C drive but the game itself is in my G drive. Perhaps if i moved over the client over the G drive it will give me some time before this happens again, because out of curiosity i switched ports again to be able to scan my G drive and it was giving me just a warning. But yes regardless i need to get them both changed. Lol that's what i was aiming for too, to squeeze every bit of juice out of it before it really done for. But it looks like i'm at that point now. XD