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How can i defeat a Summoner on PvP?

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Someone who plays as an Assassin could tell me how to defeat a summoner. I was on PVP doing my daily challenge, i needed to go 1v1 3 times. 1st time I fought against a Warlock and i won, 2nd time was against a FM and dude is really annoying to fight against long distance attack players, FM. They can freeze me n block my evasion skills, they can heal themselves but i won too, BUT in the last fight it was against a Summoner, he or she beat me soo fast, i can't defeat it its impossible. I mean, they heal themselves, they can block you, they can block ur skills, they can use their cat to KD u and stun u or tank u, can use their cat to heal them too or they can heal their cat. They also can arrest you with that annoying skill and they can use stealth. HOW THE HELL CAN I FIGHT AGAINST THAT?

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I`m total noob. And most "skilled summoners" in silver or bronze are macroser bots. But as assassin I found good way to kill summoner if you lure his cat far from him and quick kill it. And after this summoner almost naked. So for noob pvper as I am - it worked 3 times from 4. Again if it not macroser bot - couse you loose him in any way.

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Hello mate.

1st u have to go in pve build the perma stealth.

2nd use spirit stealth n x stealth..so start match pop x stealth put a poison stack on him ..now usualy sum will use his resist or his dandelion 

If he dandelion u just right button him n boom stun himif he use resist pop ur fight spirit n pve the hell out of him.

Always before ur stealth run out get out to other corner n wait cat attack u then decoy n make some dips over n over.

Also care sum when he call bk cat cause he kd u if ur near him.

Also if cat is curl do not dps it just go behind n restealth.

U can also play with x stealth n flower or smoke screen with fight spirit. Ur choice


Saddly but sum force us to play this ugly pve

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1.  Get HM woodblock (most important tool against summoners) 

2. if you get doom n bloomed get out of the range with backstep-lighting step-shunpo

3. always make poke damage until you find an opener where he has no escape and his cat is curled. 

4. use only RB+F against them (PvE shitstyle) 

5. Spec LB stun so you stay invisible while stunning him

6. use shadow drain to get extra 6 sec stealth when he/the cat is poisoned

7. Don't play with fighting spirit and always place your flower to escape grab

8. use tabswitch to make an opener whenever he doesn't has his smoke or dandelion up

9. play hit and run and if you are forced to: run away and get outfight to sprint and RB stealth (very cheap and unfair but so are scummoners). 

10. if cat is curled use it to get restealthed (search it's back and use 1)


This are just a few basics against summoners and you have to take much more things into consideration but it may help you (don't know on which elo you are playing and if you can make use of those tips so). 

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