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  1. I could join with my BD and my SIN. Just have to swap faction on my SIN before though. Since I'm never doing SSP or similar anyway it won't be much of an issue. Ok I will contact one of you guys in around 2-3 hours when i'm at home.
  2. Hello, I might be interested in joining your clan. About me: Hardcore PvE and PvP player (more PvP lately but I want to get into PvE again after a longer break). I play BnS on EU since the alpha and played on the TW and RU pserver before. I have 6 Chars on lvl 50 (HM7-HM11). My main was a SIN with Baleful stage 6 but I quit doing PvE like 3 months ago so I didn't bother gearing him up further. Now I am planning to reroll to BD which currently only has 600 AP (and this only due to hepta gems) and some crappy SS but it will have like 750 AP on April 12th (have all the mats to go straight into legendary stage 6+, full MSP SS with flowers on my SIN, etc. etc.). So I will have a quite well geared BD once the patch i out. I also love doing arena PvP. I play 5 different classes (SINx2, BD, BM, FM and SF) with all HM skills unlocked and all of them are at least in gold at the end of the season (SIN and SF are mostly in the top 45). That's it for me so far :) You can contact me ingame on my BD "AnnoyingRat" ( I know nice name hahAA) or on my SIN "Shiunski" if you're interested because I don't browse the forums so often. I'm mostly online in the evening (6pm-11pm or so).
  3. Why Venom Swarm?

    There are many reasons why to use it in pvp. To name a few: -obviously you can block enemys defense skills like BM/KFM block and SIN decoy . -you can also bait an SS/HM block from BM's for example cause a BM really doesn't want to get hit by it . -it's the easiest method to stack poison while someone is webbed since you can use it while he's in the air or you can even use it before using your infiltrate since the dash is faster than venom swarm. -you need it mostly in a combo because without it can happen that you can't restealth with hook kick anymore since spinal tab doesn't give you a poison stack anymore . It has a lot of other uses but to lazy to explain all of them. For the bm and kfm matchup you really want to use it . For the sin matchup it is good but especially for pveing sins poison breath is better in my opinion . Also for the sum matchup you want to use poison breath . Förderung destroyer/BD and WL its a matter of taste . I find myself using poison breath against those more effective because the 2 spin classes have no defense skills to break and for WL I love to use it in their sanctum .
  4. The amount of missed tech chases, dropped combos, wrong gameplay on both sides and messed up uses of escapes is over 9000!
  5. A technique for higher DPS (Lightning And Dark)

    So you wanna tell me I'm a bad SIN? Is it that? I could bet my azz of i'm doing the PvE rotation faster and better than you without any macros or shit. It's just that PvE is such a lackluster in this game that I choosed to use the lazy way as Nero said already - that's the only reason. But I actually don't even give a damn about your opinion - my stats in 1vs1,3vs3, ToI and 6vs6 speak for itself as a not-so-bad SIN.
  6. A technique for higher DPS (Lightning And Dark)

    Nope. Using macros in PvE as a SIN is the only right way to play BnS and I repeat myself: the best players in Korea/China etc. are all using macros for their PvE rotations to a achieve the highest dps and people which look down at macro users in PvE are clueless all together. Macros in competitive PvP however is a whole different story and those who are using them are indeed scrubs.
  7. A technique for higher DPS (Lightning And Dark)

    An even bettet tip for people with a customable mouse with sidebuttons: Create a macro on your sidebutton which uses T(=RMB)+R(=LMB)+F for Dark Build and T(=RMB)+F+4 for lighting build. Now you only have to press 1 button over and over again (except for poison stacking, cc etc.) for a perfect rotation. Pretty much every SIN uses macros for optimal dps rotations in KR because it is the easiest and best way to do your rotation. Also it is much less harmful for your hands and wrists on the long run.
  8. Hey guys, so I saw that many people want a dps comparison between the two builds and decided to make 2 quick vids on Mushins Tower floor 5. Note that lighting build has a significant advantage on that floor because the boss don't have true sight so I slowed the dps down a bit with running around the boss (which is mandatory with Dark Build). Also i used an anti-CC pot in Dark Build to avoid getting soaked in. Even though I had to dodge 1-2 hits + also failed at the beginning. If the end i want to mention that I personally still prefer Dark build in most bossfights and only switch to lightning when it comes to to specific bosses. Light build: Dark build:
  9. How come Sin...?

    I'm just gonna refer to my second point again: Point of deranking is that you can actually play arena instead of queueing for hours to get an opponent because you are to high and won't get matched since nobody queues on diamond atm. Another point is farming zen beans but I know for a fact that ryuki is deranking because he wants to play and not because he needs zen beans (3vs3 is more effective anyway). And lastly he will stop deranking by the end of the season so he will rank up to the top by the end to get the max rewards. Sounds logical right?
  10. How come Sin...?

    So first of all SIN is really not an easy class to play at max potential in PvP. 2nd: Ryuki, the top assassin on EU, is always deranking if he's too high so the current number 1 SIN on EU is not the best SIN on EU. Also he's not playing very active lately afaik. 3rd: The latest patch buffed Summoners and BMs extremely good which makes those classes a bigger pain in the azz as they were before anyway (though SIN got buffed aswell). The class assassin itself is still a top PvP class but there are only a very few people which can actually play the class close to perfect and therefore there aren't so many high SINs in the leader board.
  11. When is assassin dps supposed to be good?

    I'll easily answer you this. Because SIN (and Destroyers) benefits the most of the legendary soul badges (amulets). This is only the beginning though. Legendary soulshields and legendary soul will give us a huge dps + chi regen bonus. Ofc other classes get the same but right now SIN is one if the only classes which still struggles which chi management and therefore it happens once in a while that we are out of chi and need to cancel our rotation. In the end our version is still to much behind and we're missing essential gear upgrades to take out the biggest potential of the classes but if we refer to KR we can clearly see what which class is capable to do. Having the most updated skill patch won't change the fact above. P.S. I can't link them because i'm writings from my phone and this forum is cancer for smartphones. Maybe I'll do so when i'm at home.
  12. When is assassin dps supposed to be good?

    Let me get 4 things clear: Are SINs a top tier dps class on EU/NA? They definitely are together with BM, FM, WL and SF (difference between all those classes are 5% at max). Are SINs the best dps class? Arguably no because BMs took that spot for EU/NA. Are SINs top tier in KR? Again they definitely are. Are SINs the best dps class on KR? According to the dps meter they are together with FMs and SFs (no BM isn't top in KR). Period.
  13. Yo here's a small footage of my Dark Build rotation on a dummy after the latest patch:
  14. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    Wow even after 2 explanations you still don't understand it. Really now I'm out.
  15. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    I'll explain it to you again: Basic combo is RB+LMB+F which even you should know. Now before with HM mist slash you could crit with RMB if you crit with LMB before which allows you cast F after. Now if you did the basic rotation with RB+LMB+F and didn't crit the first RB but crit with LMB you had to cast RMB again to pull out F. In a clear sentence: If you didn't crit with RMB before your rotation would look like this: RMB+LMB+RMB+F. Now that a LMB crit allows us to pull out F instantly without casting RMB again you have 2 chances to proc F in 1 rotation. Means if your first RB didn't crit but your LMB crit you could cast F anyway instead of going for another RMB before. If you you still didn't understand this you can't be helped.
  16. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    Ok you just proved me that you're a bad sin. Thanks and i'm out of the discussion.
  17. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    1. Mist Slash got BUFFED and any sin which says smth different is a bad sin to begin with 2. Poison stacking methods got buffed - 100% uptime on the dark build rotation is easier than ever 3. we get a lot of of damage buffs like poison breath (instacast), lighting stride (tons of damage + poison reset), fighting spirit 300% dmg of AP instead of 100% 4. our focus management improved a lot because of lower cd on 4 lighting rend. We got buffed by a ton and you actually have no clue about what you're writing (your guildmates obviously aren't any better). Change summoner with SIN and you'll list might wouldn't even be so wrong.
  18. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    With summoner you just dig your own grave because they are AT MAX mid tier after the latest patch. SF, WL, SIN - any of those classes are stronger than summoners currently.
  19. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    Not my fault that your guildmates are shitty sins. And if SIN is mid tier what is high tier?
  20. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    Beside the fact that BM's hit like trucks now I do 24k on 670 AP without a WL or grab class. SIN dps not so good hurr durr.
  21. top dps?

    First of all thank you for taking my vid as reference (i'm the sin in there) but now i'm gonna give you some facts: Back then I did not have HM RMB, HM V, legendary weapon for resets and much worse gear as i have now. Oh and btw back then I had like 620 AP so who outgears who again? By now i do like double the dps I did back then when I made this video and I can guarantee you that your destroyer won't even come close to the dps I am doing now. Just for your clarification. Topic: DPS on EU/NA: FM > SIN > WL (all very close together) > rest DPS on KR: SF/FM/SIN/WL are all pretty much the top dps with their amulets etc. according to the dps meter. Kthxbye
  22. Honestly I guess I won't ever quit the game per se but I will definitely stop playing the PvE content and just do arena in the future (even i have 690 AP etc.). My reason is that i'm done with the PvE grind. I always knew BnS was a grindy game and everything but I came to a point where I just "fck it i'm done with it". Also the PvE content is simply just not challenging enough and everytime I think the next patch will have challenging dungeons I get fcked up by NCsoft because they nerf it before we get it (Ebondrake citadel). Ofc we are also much to good geared and have much stronger skills as the Koreans back then but that doesn't change the fact that all current dungeons are easy af. So BnS will be my 1vs1 PvP game while Revelation Online will be my main MMORPG for PvE and mass PvP content in the future.
  23. Sin vs FM

    More or less it's unfortunately the case yes. Except that summoners are much easier to deal with since they don't have 2 escapes, Frost sheat, frost prison and chill stacks/frost orbs. Comboing a FM is even more difficult than comboing a summoner or destroyer in my opinion and those 2 are already cancer enough to combo.
  24. Sin vs FM

    First of all Yuketsu was NEVER a top tier sin. NEVER. He is not to bad but nowhere near a top tier sin. 2nd I eat summoners and BMs for breakfast as a sin. 3rd FM matchup is hard but doable - if you know how to avoid chill stacks. Ice bomb build vs them is a very good wa to get your cooldowns back and get rid of chillstacks for example. It's a very lame technique but against a class with 2 escapes and so much utility it's nearly a must to play for timeouts/cooldowns.
  25. What am I doing wrong?

    I lol'ed.