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  1. Hi everyone. I'm back after been inactive for almost 3 years in BnS. So, I am doing a storyline quest here, but take a look at this: https://i.ibb.co/P6X9ND3/Captura-de-Tela-190731-000.jpg I have been typing this "/mourn" command many times and nothing happened! What am I supposed to do here? Why is nothing happening after that?
  2. 4 months is almost half year buddie. 4 months Just to make a SINGLE ITEM??? Really??? What about Legendary Wep & acessories? How many hours do you spend to make 200g in a day now?
  3. I quit the game about 3 months ago and i have no plans to come back. "BnS is too hard for them" I agree!!! You just need to lose your social life, stop sleeping and hanging out with friends, so you can get whatever you want in the game (Unless you are a pay to win player, so you can get things done fast!!!) It's easy to you say that if you are not getting some trouble with Bots and spammers. We stop playing it because we r "LAZY". YOU'RE RIGHT Mr Perfect & Genius! So I think most of BnS' players are Lazy, am I right? "All the lazy people lef
  4. I'll be fine http://bnscoffee.com/character/NA/MsChase
  5. I am doing sogun for 2 hours and half n i didnt finish yet. Today morning i was in a GREAT team at sogun n when we finally reach the final boss guess what? DC
  6. Naah i dnt know anymore. i am getting DC all the time. i'm wasting so much time thanks to this.( and when i FINALLY can get in they already kicked me from the party) Worse part is when u got dc at the final boss n try to log in fast as u can n then u receive an error msg from launcher.
  7. Every day i get at least 3 Dc. Right now i got one when i was going to fight against be ido at Nexus -.- i hate when that happens n now i need to do everything again, the same dungeon over n over again.
  8. and can be worse. I am getting Disconnect everytime. About 15 dc in less 20 minutes... In The end i need to do The same Dungeon over n over again.
  9. Today i tried to do Sogun 3 times. Player getting AFK, player trolling the game, player who knows how to do the dungeon trolling the game too. Forget this, They think we have enough time to waste with them?
  10. Today i saw a player with a customize photo on his profile picture. Is it able (again)? I can't change my photo. Always shows the message"Failed to Upload photo" when i take a photo. I want to put this one
  11. It's impossible to upgrade Weapon and acessories now. Moonstone 4g each, Silverfrost Transformation stone 16g each. Stinger almost 3g each. THIS IS MADNESS! What the hell is happening?
  12. Before was 300G now is 411g. Why everything is so expensive?
  13. Pliissss be honest. When Sogun's lament cames to NA/EU servers i asked the same thing, n everyone told me i needed to have 550AP+, but actually u can beat Asura with 500AP(having True Pirate or Awakened Breeze Wep VERY IIIZIII, DUDE ASURA IS VERY EASY) There's no need to have 550AP+ to do that dungeon. So plis I never played BnS KR before i dnt know anything about these new heroic dungeons n how much AP is needed to do it. True Breeze can do these dungeons right?
  14. I'm watching some vids on youtube, these players foght against Jinsoyun by themselves. Is it a solo dungeon?
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