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  1. Just meet on tag arena Force Master Hm9 dealing 1400-1800 damage ONLY using autoattack, shoot 3-4 in a second. Destroy full party for 20 second. It not 45, or hm2, or some other, this is *cricket*ING 9 HM!! IT mean he play a LOT!!!!! in this shit game. And not was banned. I swear my life he is cheater. And shit NCSoft not ban him. So why I not start using cheats? If this shit company not ban monthes cheaters... *cricket* imbecils in NCSOFT. PS: and in video damage was one and combat logs very different. So I see only 1400+, my combat logs showed only 300-350. I summed - in my co
  2. Top Destroyer or summoner NOT same as top Assasin or KFM. 2 key classes vs 100key classes. Ye it very balanced. We all see this tournament - where in 10 times more skilled assassin deal more combo, control, damage, moving, escapes and so on loose whithout any chances to spinaround 2 key BD. So this is very unbalanced game. But it is ok. Couse battle system anyway one of the best in whole MMO.
  3. I just meet 2 BD whith same air combo. First destroy my full hp for this combo. Second destroy only 1/3 hp for same 1:1 air combo. I look combat log. And it look as copy. But only 1 difference. Same skill, same order. But first have in 3 times more damage by this skills then second. So stop lie about "blablablaequalarena". This is NOT!
  4. I meet such BD, this macrosers. They bypass counter and other safe and hide skills immediatly and escape from all control in any time. And they deal sooooo much damage in their double air combo - that you lost 90 % hp. I never see this on tournament or high skilled pvp. Only on low lvl arena battles. As I know ony KFM can tottaly destroy your hp for his combo. Other classes don`t have such thing LEGITIMLY. Damn this game so full of cheaters and nothing done whith them (((
  5. I`m total noob. And most "skilled summoners" in silver or bronze are macroser bots. But as assassin I found good way to kill summoner if you lure his cat far from him and quick kill it. And after this summoner almost naked. So for noob pvper as I am - it worked 3 times from 4. Again if it not macroser bot - couse you loose him in any way.
  6. I`m new player, but I see that killing last boss for achievent always lower than purple weapon chest from dungeon event quest in end of dungeon run. I can`t insert there pictures for any reason. But I have prove, As example - Achivement - Defeat Infernal Lord - counted for me 14 times. But I have 21 Locked Infernal Weapon Chests. And I run all times fully from begining to end.
  7. As new player it ruin my will to play BnS. There is system, when high lvl rushers get full loot on bosses, 19-23 lvl get 0 loot. So when I need bligh dagger for evolve - I can`t get it, couse I spend few hours and get 0 loot. GB BnS. This system made real idiot.
  8. Pls name us your adress. We want know why you play in games, while other going to war?
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