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  1. Shiune

    top dps?

    First of all thank you for taking my vid as reference (i'm the sin in there) but now i'm gonna give you some facts: Back then I did not have HM RMB, HM V, legendary weapon for resets and much worse gear as i have now. Oh and btw back then I had like 620 AP so who outgears who again? By now i do like double the dps I did back then when I made this video and I can guarantee you that your destroyer won't even come close to the dps I am doing now. Just for your clarification. Topic: DPS on EU/NA: FM > SIN > WL (all very clo
  2. Shiune

    top dps?

    Did you actualy saw the videos? This is the Korean version of the game with implemented ->DPS<- meters. The numbers your are seeing in this videos are the actual dps numbers of the classes. Also for your information: I'm maining a SIN with baleful weapon and all HM skills unlocked and I know that SINs dps is on top after FMs (yeah you are wrong there FMs are still stronger than SINs in our version - other than in KR where SIN is above FM due to the new amulets).
  3. Shiune

    top dps?

    Well youtube is a huge platform where you can find dozens of videos of other classes but i'll search them for you because i'm a kind man - all you have to do is compare them. First another assassin with 180k dps (without WL) Summoner is not even in the chart anymore after the latest nerf to bees: Another stronger summoner but still far behind: BD far behind (destroyer very stronk) Soul Fighter far behind: I m
  4. Shiune

    top dps?

    Are you stupid? According to the current meta in KR based on the DPS meter SIN is number 1 followed by FM and destroyers. This is the chart after the newly introduced amulets. Don't write smth about KR when you actually know shit about it. Here a small example how SIN dps looks like with the new amulet: On EU/NA FM is top followed by SIN and then comes summoner, WL etc.
  5. I'll say it again: SIN is the best soloing class in like 90% of all the content and there is no point arguing about that. The 10% is for the rare cases when the bosses see thru your invisibility. There a summoner has the upper hand.
  6. Assassins are the best solo class because of this factors: 1. You can skip all trash mobs if they don't need to be killed. 2. Their DPS is the best out of all classes. 3. Permahide prevents you to take any damage by the boss itself while you beat the shit out of him.
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