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Poharan why is no come out

Lynda chan

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Which bosses did you killed ? The main bosses (Slashimi, Tae Jangum and Mak Sobo) Or Secondaries like Shin Dabal, Gubong and beasts ?


Those secondaries doesn't seem to count as boss to force Poharan to spawn. 


To make Poharan spawn, you need to kill the main bosses about hmm twice. so it's six in total.

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As JoannaRamira said, you need to kill all 3 main bosses a few times.


There is no respawn time, but a respawn count.


The count starts at 0.


When you kill one of the main bosses, the count goes up +1.


At count (i believe) is..) 6 Poharan spawns, and count gets reset to 0.


Soo... if you have waited 2h+ for Poharan to spawn, that means you did not engage in any boss battles, or too little.

Or your channel is underpopulated with players.

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