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  1. There are still some old item names in manage equipment. 1 example I have is True Oathbreaker Ring evolve item is "White Night Ring" (acquired from avalanche den 6p) but recent update the name of this item was changed to "Lucent Ring". although this is displayed correctly in upgrade path window, but not the manage equipment window.
  2. Friends List

    Known issue. To reset your friends list, restart the game. (if you really need to)
  3. Poharan why is no come out

    As JoannaRamira said, you need to kill all 3 main bosses a few times. There is no respawn time, but a respawn count. The count starts at 0. When you kill one of the main bosses, the count goes up +1. At count (i believe) is..) 6 Poharan spawns, and count gets reset to 0. Soo... if you have waited 2h+ for Poharan to spawn, that means you did not engage in any boss battles, or too little. Or your channel is underpopulated with players.
  4. This post is a waste of time cause most players don't really care what their names is. For me all those names I've come across are fine with me, I don't mind it, Not paying any attention to it. Sure sometimes I see a weird name, but I leave it as it is. Because the true fact is, they are NOT going to change it. If they have to change the name Namsoyoo to something else, might be a massive undertaking cause they have to rewrite the name in the entire game & modify cutscenes. This applies to any other major names. Their main goal is to focus on fixing the game's issue it currently is experiencing and polishing the game. Although this game is a few years old and we are getting a used-game from the koreans, there is still a major list to do for them to polish the game.
  5. stilll time to go for pirate wep? worth it?

    Does the change in upgrade path also apply to accessories? just stay siren and wait for 50 patch?
  6. I have 150+ since I started, and no I didn't cheat, I just did dailies & crafting, it gives an insane amount of income, e.fleet dailies give total of 3g-ish, mushin tower 2.5g+ (depends on how far you get). I can make lots of gold with crafting. Faction dailies give soulstone 20-ish thats 4.8g. And I didn't even mention 5% of the list. There are tons of ways to make money, even for people who have to start with nothing. Spend 1 hour on doing certain dailies, turn on some craftings in the meanwhile, and get yourself 10g =). If you can't get above 10g, you are doing something wrong or just not using the resources that are available to you. You DO NOT need any requirements.
  7. Bug report (walk trought the object)

    This is normal on objects which you can interact with (F), not all objects of this kind share this property though, only certain ones, seems to depend on location and whether or not it's needed to be "invisible" for you feet. As they are not really objects, but more like interaction-items in the world. Not a bug.
  8. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    I am not angry at NCSOFT, I love this game they did a good job on it, but the service is just terrible after the last update. All fine before, but since unchained disconnects happend, and since last weekly maintenance, it happend more frequently. The issue isn't old, it's new it wasn't there before, now it is. Something has changed on their side which needs to be looked in to. Either it's server configuration, or game engine changes that affect certain players. My connection is perfect, I have a very fast internet connection, don't have any problems at all with anything that's online related. Once again, I'm not QQing as everyone says, I'm not angry, I understand humans make this software and it can contain issues, I know they are probably working on it. My only statement is that even though NCSOFT claims that it's a consumer problem, I believe strongly something changed on their side and should put more priority into solving this issue to make the consumer happy =) I love this game, it's the best game I've seen so far in terms of content and mechanics.
  9. No my definitions are fine, I was just talking about in-game P2W not RL. Pay 2 win as in ... have a lot of in-game currency to buy everything instead getting it yourself, therefore giving you a head start against other players making you look like Pay 2 Win.
  10. Forgive me if I misunderstood but yet, yet it's still fair, everyone has their own choice on how to play the game.
  11. If you are talking about Arena, stats of gear/soul shields don't apply there, Arena is equalized, the only difference is skill build. In open world.. that's because some players NO-life the game, they don't have anything else to do. Some folks get 45 in 12 hours. Some get 45 in 2 weeks. Why this difference? People doing it fast don't care about cinematics, they skip all, they want to get 45 ASAP. People doing it slowly want to actually play the game, understand the story line. So to your comment on why people have maxed gear as of 2 weeks ago? Simple... They play a lot. People who don't have maxed gear yet or slowly, Don't play a lot. This again is perfectly fine and fair, it's not Pay 2 Win. This is what you would call, Spend time 2 Win. People who have maxed gear deserve it because they spend time on it, they went for it. People who don't have maxed gear, ofcourse it's fair that they don't have it, they didn't spend as much time on it as the ones that do. basically what you are saying is... If someone gets maxed gear, everyone should have it. well no... that makes no sense.
  12. Disconnect Report

    NCSOFT is saying it's consumer problem (likely to be ISP issues and the route between your home and the game servers). But I've noticed that multiple players in multiple different countries have this issue, so I doubt it has anything to do with consumers ISP, but actually think it has to do something with the ISP of NCSOFT.
  13. Disagreed on this. Making more things untradable is actually a very good strategy for a game, it makes the game more challenging and rewarding. I always look up to get myself a certain item that's untradable. It would make NO sense at all to make more tradable items because that will ruin the game and change it into Pay 2 Win, if you have money, you can buy everything and be OP as hell. But if everything like breakthrough weapons is untradable you have to get it yourself, that way it equalizes all players in the game, no matter how much money you have, you still have to get it yourself. Again: Making items tradable ruins the game and changes it into Pay 2 Win, which is a terrible concept.
  14. Error 3000

    Netherlands is affected too with this error, multiple players I can confirm. Wild Springs
  15. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    Im a programmer and maintain my own website, dont need to lecture me on connectivity :), but yeah we are not the only ones getting connection issues since last update. Forum is filled with posts about it and in-game as well. Even though NCSOFT isnt developing anything on the game, they do have control of server stability, this website and still have to make sure they deliver a product that works... NCSOFT should test their product before releasing. They should NOT release a product that malfunctions.