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FPS issues ( Urgent Help Required)


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Hi All ,


Just need to put it out there on what I have been facing for a while now and hopefully someone can assist with it 


Current rig : 

i5-4210u 1.7 proc 

nvidia 840m

8gb ram 

windows 7


Even when I am running the game at 800x600 resolution with everything as low as possible, am getting like 20 fps . I have seen multiple people commenting that they have stable 60 at machines less powerful so was wondering if I am doing something wrong 


1. Have tried to select high performance nvidia processor under 3D settings in nvidia control panel

2. System is set to high performance mode ( CPU running at 2.5 as per task manager) 


Any and all help is really appreciated


Thank you 

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My FPS keeps jumping from 9 to even 60 FPS. It really depends on the area where you area. During normal boss fights I get 20 FPS, Harvest is around 9-15 and empty areas 50-60 FPS. Try ctrl + f as first or other methods that are in the forums somewhere. I am no pro with computers so this might not have been much help. :(

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i7 4790

Radeon R9 280 4GB



1600x900 resolution

All my graphics options are set on 4, except textures are on 5. Everything else is locked in with Auto Options.


My in-game counter is usually at 120 FPS. I maintain 40 FPS in Powan fights with other players and their skills visible while livestreaming.

Idle FPS drops from 120 to around 30 with occasional FPS drops, if Steam and Razer Surround VAD Streaming Service process are running.


In short, my lag spikes came from RAM usage, and I fixed my persistent FPS lag spikes by making sure to close Steam and end the Razer Surround VAD Streaming Service process before I start playing.

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I put my PC's resolution to 1024x600 then Fullscreen the game.
For game settings I put everything on minimum except for the ones that say "distance" which I put on max.
I also put Limit Framerates and Background Framerates to max. (Strangely, performance gets worse for me when I lower this.)
With this, I get between 45~65+ FPS on most cases,10~35 FPS on BW and event bosses.

As for my PC specs, let's just say it's not even designed for gaming. ^^'

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Thanks for the inputs guys, will try out with the frame rates and see 


@FailsWithTailsI have closed pretty much everything running in the background except possible windows processes but still the issue continues :(

Current dps with optimize for low end pcs : open areas / normal areas the fps is 40-50 

BW : 10-15 

Golden Harvest : GG , 0 fps 


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You aren't really doing anything wrong, I have literally the same specs


i5-421OU 1.7 ( boosts to 2.7, though task manager only shows it at 2.5)

NVIDIA GeForce 840m @ 2g dedicated


Steps I have taken and gotten minor improvement


1) Go to taskmanager --> details ---> set blade and soul client as high priority

2) Set all the " distances " to max in settings, seems weird but I get FPS increases doing this


It isn't the GPU. It is the CPU bottlenecking, and there isn't much you can do about it.  You could put everything max and you won't really see a drop in FPS.


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