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  1. I'd recommend either Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Haven't had any issue with either one and both are fairly known for minimal false-positives and staying strong on real-world protection tests. Bitdefender uses drastically less resources than Kaspersky, though Kaspersky would be the choice for someone who normally have bad/risky computing and browsing habits. Unfortunately, Bitdefender tray icon & UI crashes for some but the service will still continue to run so you wouldn't be compromised. Malwarebytes though still tops for on-demand scans imo. Fundamentally, one could even survive with a
  2. Shhh don't tell them.. So maybe they'll nerf us and unintentionally make us OP xD
  3. I always figured the WL razor is associated with witchcraft "ceremonial blades" like the Athame. I remember a certain particular animu even have ceremonial blades associated with magic stuff (Azoth Sword , Rule Breaker)
  4. You could try asking for help at https://support.bladeandsoul.com/ while you wait for another tech savvy player's help here. You'd probably want to provide a dxdiag info too (Windows Key + R -> Type and enter "dxdiag" -> "Save All Information" button)
  5. Are you sure your laptop meets the game's system requirements?
  6. Check these topics: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/207413-blade-and-soul-debugger-error/ https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/165814-a-debugger-has-been-found-running-in-your-system/
  7. Oh lol, My mistake, I was looking only at the lightning. Yeah, weird that our pentagon only appears once.
  8. This one looks the same as ours though: https://youtu.be/g9jUtpZ9eCI?t=128 And it's from KR 2014 o.o
  9. Yes, they're currently working on a server transfer. It will be done "soon" but no ETA.
  10. latency.log Thing about ping boosters is that they can give mixed results depending on ISP.
  11. I'm pretty sure the staff already have a lot of the data about where most bot/goldseller IPs originate from. Analytical tools is basic server utility.
  12. Honestly, I no longer see any reason not to. They've got their own server for their region. Their region have reputation for bots and goldsellers. I don't mind forcing them to use VPN to make things even the slightest bit more troublesome for them.
  13. Our friend Baba Ji is about to reach page 5. I wonder what's going on... Did spam filter burst? Forum's moderation panel broke? I doubt there's no forum mods atm since they've always been around almost every time. Hime and Rukkirii's profile also say they are on forums right now.
  14. Some reasons I've heard and seen for leaving PT at lobby... 1) Bots 2) Blacklisted Players (bad rep players) 3) To solo dungeon 4) Just to use cross server warehouse 5) Noticed there's not a lot of players applying for the dungeon AKA "Wasted too much time waiting in queue for this empty dungeon and now I gotta go" (Because one can't simply cancel from queue) 6) Just being elite 7) Unreasonably too many weak members in PT 8) Accidentally queued for the wrong dungeon
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