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Premium Membership Subscription and Premium Rank


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Hello Forum Members and NcSoft Team,


i am not 100% sure who can answer this best but the question is:


I am thinking about buying a 1year Premium Membership but i am confused where to do so. Either in the NCoin Shop or the Subscription directly from PP or CC.

If i buy it as a Subscription i get the outfit + Feather + 1k Hongmoon Coins (which is fcking nothing) but when i buy it ingame i also get the Costume + 100k!!! Premium Points.


Basically i exchange that feather + 1k Hongmoon Coins for 100k!!! Premiium Points for (nearly) the same price. That makes me think twice about if or where to buy.


Now my question is there a chance to get the 100k Premium Points when buying it as a Subscription, to get it like a bonus just like the feather or Hongmoon Coins. Otherweise that would be just totally unfair!


Please excuse my bad english and have a good night! :)


Ps.: Why can't i buy the 1year Sub with PP?



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Hello, I would like to know NCSoft's answer to this too.


If I buy the NCoin 1-year Premium the menu says I receive the following:

  • 365-Day Premium Membership
  • Silver Dragon Costume
  • 99,999 premium points  <---

If I buy the $124.99 Premium Subcription it says I receive the following:

  • 365-Day Premium Membership
  • Silver Dragon Costume
  • Hongmoon Black Feather
  • 1,000 Hongmoon Coins

Is there a trade-off here? Because the 100k premium points are worth faaar more than the Hongmoon Black Feather and the 1000 Hongmoon coins.


Does anyone have clarification?

thank you.


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Well it looks like NC-Soft took away the 30-day and 365-day premium membership from the Ncoin store. So they seriously slashed the value of the 365-day membership. Additionally it looks like they don't give you any premium points for purchasing the sub at all. So this is a huge loss to the quality of life in the game as a premium player. NC-Soft messed up huuuuuge. Consider yourself backhanded if you buy premium post this.


What I mean by this is, if you buy the premium sub for 30/60/365 you are not credited for the Premium Points you used to recieve when purchasing premium using the previous Ncoin store system. It looks like you only get premium points for buying other services and items. This greatly slows down how fast you get your premium ranks.


Premium status is totally not worth it. The bonuses from the low tiers are too weak/wimpy and unrewarding. The idea was buy the premium subscription and you will get premium rank over time. Now it doesn't look that way at all. 

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@Kiatra Nayasth Are you sure? It's much cheaper this way, and who would want to rank up by premium anyways? Will take forever, lol. I'd rather save some bucks every now and then, than charging 15 for 1 month with leftover NCoin. You have currency exchange to level up premium anyways, take use of that. 

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I have some questions about the bonus item for recurring memberships.


Will the bonus item (currently the Black Feather) change?  

If so, what happens for those who have an existing recurring membership?  

For example, if I get 365 days, will I get the new item when it's released?  

Or will I have to wait until I pay for another 365 days (wait a year) to get the next bonus?  

And if bonus items are on short rotations, will I miss out on items because my subscription wasn't up for renewal during that period?

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Romeo Friday at 04:17


Thank you for contacting NCSoft Support.

Unfortunately, there will be no premium points added to your account when applying for a recurring subscription membership. The new recurring subscription membership only offer the premium membership status, some hongmoon coins and a costume for the 1 year premium. For more information regarding the premium subscription, please see the link below :



NCSOFT Support Team



I asked if I will get premium points with the subscription and got that answer, that's not what you just said?
Can you clarify?

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