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  1. Official way to improve fps: intel 4th gen + (5-6 gen) get Win10. I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 - and that fixed all my stutters & low fps. I was wondering how my cpu with same overclock couldn't perform as it should (my clanmate has same cpu, but I would always get 2x less fps;fixed it by going to w10) + OVERCLOCK YOUR CPU. + Unpark your cores, all the other stuff you read is pretty much bull. @OneYouHate Let's see about that. I'm using WTFast, and my ping goes from 50 > 37 in open world. And I do have supergood net, as for PvP - pingzapper, WTFast, Ba
  2. I know, and I do agree with you. But it doesn't change the fact that they made GW2 " Free To Play", sure it is marketing and as a trial to hook people up with the game then later to buy it - still, the availability to play the game for free is there. Which, in this case means people who plays the game only for PvP won't stand a chance. But then again, the class imbalancement in GW2 is rather stupid. You see thieves running around 1 hitting people with the recent huge buff. Buff 1 thing, kill 3 others (typical ArenaNet) But this is getting off-topic. Since this is related to BnS "P2W"
  3. This is where you're wrong. Ever since ArenaNet introduced HoT, the pvp became massively pay to win, why? Because the Heart of Thorns specs are literally smashing core-classes from left to right, back and forth like a punching bag. Sure, you download the game and you get lvl 60 to pvp, all your remaining 20 levels of skillpoints will be unlocked, but you don't stand a chance in the higher division because you don't own HoT. That is the mere reason why GW2 is failing so hard, many people have quit and I'm one of them.
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