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Level 50?


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Maybe they will nerf that house/alleycat exploit in a year or so.

If it ends like "Greyed out function" because idiots I would be so pissed because House/Alleycat is soooo good for PvP


I don't think the iframe cc from the cat is an exploit or bug, that's just timing (I know what you mean)

Its different from mobs since the pet is a part of the summoner, not just a group-member. They synergize


Problem is just by telling you won't post it here doesnt stop people from investigating after they found out there is any bug they wanna find out how to use them.

But ok... I won't post it either.



Im not good at summoner and wanna ask how the HM skills work at lvl 50.

Because I hate sunflower I wanna know how Rosethorn F1T5 (Spiral) with Seed Shroud F1T5 (Yeti4)

buffs the rumblebees F2 and F3?

If I land a seed counter followed by a crit Rosethorn (which isnt an issue) it will both refresh CD from Rumblebees and make it instant.


So basically its possible to keep up the rumblebees (F2-dots) 100% of the PvP match.


Am I right? Or am I wrong.

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