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  1. i would rather be viable in solo and group like all classes rather than be un viable in solo and op in group. and everyone else, i been left this game, i just check the forums every now and then to see whats been going on, usually its just another summoner nerf.
  2. because without the cat, most of our skills are gone
  3. Who else is gonna join this game? i personally quit BnS like 8 months ago, i try to rejoin but everytime i come back my class is nerfed and is gonna get another one in the next update (summoner) so now i have the summoner in Revleation, looks very similar to BnS summoner but actually seems viable. The new assasin class has the same stealth animation too. hopefully they dont nerf summoner every week like they do here -.- they even get a dolphin!
  4. its more of one person split into two, its not like the cat has an entire skill set independantly of ours. we share our skill slots
  5. ok, i quit this game a while ago bcuz there was no endgame (like a month arfter release) and i come bakc about 2 months later to see that summoner (my class) is nerfed, i can live with is, my dps is worse thn some classes but its fine, then we get nerfed agin. i quit bcuz my dps is bad. i come back about 1-3 weeks ago, and we were nerfed once again, my dps was bad, i do 3 quests b4 quitting. now i check back on the forums to see we were nerfed AGAIN. have all we gotten since release nerfs? every time i look at these forums the summoner thread is full of nerfs and rage.
  6. HAH, lol returning to the game so i went through my forum posts and i just read this and it made me laugh. im so funny
  7. drop rate is not bad the cat costume is a whollee nother story, i cant tell you how many hours it took my to farm to get the shady cat
  8. its not p2w its morre of a p2 progress. if u pay, u get moonwater stones fast, if you dont, it will take about a week.
  9. tbh, this is the only mmorpg i have player where mountains have never been a problem lol. idk what you did to make mountains a problem
  10. yeah everyone in this game is rude
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