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  1. Didnt you just describe 9 outta 10 mmorpgs on the market today?
  2. of course there are other builds. They just dont do the exact same amount of damage and once u are bis geared that doesn't really matter in the long run until 50 content. So rather have fun than being forced to run something I will hate for months.
  3. Anyone still using the DoT build even though the dot element from rosethorn was removed ages ago? Anyone using a rumblebee build in PvE? What about PvP? Anything other than sunflower spam would make me happy. I have BiS gear and SS but sunflower spam for months to come will surely drive me crazy. So please share any builds you came up with without using sunflower
  4. ThaiTanic


    They should all have 10% def.. Even lvl 50 bosses has 10% def
  5. ThaiTanic

    Level 50?

    level 50 is in several months. As for level 50 skills we don't really get a whole lot of awesome stuff. That is why other classes catches up to us once the level 50 patch is out.
  6. We are not getting nerfed. But once the level 50 patch arrives, in months time, we are brought more in line with other classes, because they get some of their awesome hongmoon skills and we get very little.
  7. There is a mod over at blade and soul mojo that removes lyn ears and tails. And yes, all mods on the forum are legal. I've been using several of them on all versions of BnS and never had any issues what so ever. Maybe you can even get someone to fix another model for lyn, not sure if its possible.
  8. ThaiTanic


    I change the appearance of mine every day so I am actually pretty poor :(
  9. Here is the build. It actually used to be the better build years ago, before AoE rumblebees became sunflower, and rosethorn lost its poison.. But it can still dish out decent damage.
  10. rumblebees, sunflower and DoT build.. 3 options. Yeah one is more optimal the others, but they work.
  11. I am a 2150 summoner. People here are retards and ill stop trying to provide people with information when they are so hostile and vile. We will see what ncsoft does.
  12. And the korean patch notes says its working as intended. Why so hostile? The GM didnt tell you which skills were bugged, just that some skills were, such as the flying nettles damage over time.
  13. Update since my last post: Source So apparently ncsoft can't even translate patch notes correctly. Not entirely sure what the translation is, but according to people on reddit its working as intended, according to the KOREAN patch notes. The taunt has apparently been bugged for years and it now works as traditional MMO tank taunts. Press taunt > get on the top of the aggro meter. If the tank stops attacking other players will instantly draw aggro. So now the cat wont be able to hold aggro for 8 secs, more like one or two attacks befo
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