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  1. I got big founder pack... i am sorry for assisting in revenu to this game so you can f2p... honestly, i think OP is trolling.
  2. well just 8k kills more for the achivment C: and the title .. anyways. No one forced to do faction dailies, Soulstone can be found on market place.
  3. Well.. how to put it in a ´polite´ way.. you point it out, you are casual. then why you complain about gearing up in casual speed? There is no´ Lock´ i mean Soulstones could be bind on pick-up.. then this would all be logical and legit complains. someone that Work 10 hours a week will never have the same check as someone working 50 hours a week with same´job´ to take a RL example..
  4. still not given char name.. not 45 probly just talking smart on forums...
  5. People refusing to improve or learn should be called out. you claimed multipe times you couldnt earn soulstones pve. i just showed you ways to do so and you still go on about it. I´m not sitting with true pirate wep and true siren acc if i was just doing pvp. but unlike you i learned the game and do the Things i like being a spilt between pvp and pve with sometime on Marketplace a few times a week.
  6. third post in row you proven yourself as self centered and extremely arrogant person.. but sure if you enjoy making a fool out of yourself. I grew my wealth from 150 gold to 550g in two days playing mostly the market place from 9-11 feb.. so please do tell me how its not ´rewarding´ You say craft Elderdragon.. i take it you mean transmuting with a slight chance of it. transformstones are not the most ´profitable´ soulwarden recipe to be making .. and i am not even soul warden and know that. You ask about PVE content that challenge your combat and give your soulstone.. since you dont
  7. Again you showing your own arrogance.... but yes Carsten on Hao Distrct. whats yours? Bottom-line Read my post on page 4 it will explain you exactly how to get soulstones from PVE. You are bashing out on a problem that is not existing because of your poor game knowlegde atm. If you just enjoy watching your own writing make a blog. but if you wish to post useful or helpful comments please go ahead. Just dont spread false infomation. Page 4.. Explains how to get soulstone both PVP and PVE. . my Mmo experince goes back to DAoC in 2001. but don´t hear me bolster about that. Because its
  8. MrRendor will you please tell me your ingame char because honestly i do not think you made a single siren upgrade yet with these statements. If you new to the game dont be arrogant and stubborn but try and understand the game
  9. So you Guys want soulstones without putting in a effort.. I see.. well should we just remove all abilties from blackwyrm and set him to 500k hp Its really easy to see Who has played old mmorpgs and Who are too used to just get shit thrown their way bottom line. you want soulstones >Do faction dailies and risk wpvp. YOU ARE NOT FORCED to do it. >Arena Pvp dailies and matches for bean(most profitable way) but this is pvp you dislike. so Ncsoft has been so kind to add. >ToE 2 soulstones for daily. >Terrors and Blackwyrm. ( PvP players play PVP to get soulstones, s
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