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  1. I am done, you trying to reason to put me down, you arent telling whole story, I said you childish that wont surprise me you still live with parents. but using it as a point just shows... Enjoy I am done.. had this been f2p. Not same thing happened.. Exactly my point.. treat people equal. LOL this war person.. Are a kid.. His dead parents 100% a lie too. I pmed him to talk there, and ask him why it was okay for him to insult paying players, why they were less of people to him. but he really tries hard for the victim role here.. Danng
  2. What about me deserve my money.. Please do tell me .. Or you were just being ignorant and racist?
  3. Shiro you always salty. you only person i remember on these forum because you always salty as *cricket*. But as i said. What i spend on this game doesnt even equal a night out on clubs, Its richest country, but our tax % are also 40-60%. And we have some of the most expensive living costs. It goes hand in hand.
  4. you are nice to me, i´m nice to you, you are a *cricket* to me , i will be a *cricket* to you That isnt hypocrit in any way. But people asking what about p2w people acting superior., Like of course people shouldnt put up with that attuide, since it will just make more people dislike people paying. But if they allowed this behavior they will not just stop. its a two side problem. not just shaming on f2p. but also the arrogant ego "p2w". I will leave party if i get in with one, but i will also rpolint out all his mistake game wise.
  5. you cant judge people purely by gear, we have one with 2x 650+ chars 100% f2p. We have one in clan with everything at Max level, he play market place and grind like a mofo. Its possible to do without p2w, both t get called p2w just a example of this.
  6. I stopped replying to the other thread because you clearly only try to troll, This was taking after 10 people had been bashing the person for buying chests. This is taken out of context from a DIFFERENT thread. And i would use those exact words again, With their way of talking about people that PAY for their servers, and as you still fail to realise whatever you wish to accept it or not.. They.. are... Paying..for...your...game. If they werent here. niether would you. This was to remind exactly of that in the same attuide and words you were using. You are here to bash me, Not to supp
  7. So i noticed lately there suddenly a lot of more or flawless Kfm playing, their rotation is without a single flaw, their target are always on point, the counters are exactly perfect timed. than i look KFM ranking list ( EU) and its strange change in KFMS 1-100. I dont think i need to point out, so i was just wondering if new bot/hack out, also seem to be one for FM around but rather bugged as it will keep trying to attack even with veil up.
  8. Do you wish to compare who grinded so far the most of the two of us?, Just look over general comments here. I am not defending P2W, but theres average joes that drop 50-200 euros on this game, and get called p2w and judged cause of this. People deem you less skilled, People even lie about spending any money on this game as they will be judged. you can not defend that with any logic. F2P only there would be no game, and there would be no Exchange for you Because those p2w are the only reason its not 1:1 and evven exist. But it´s funny mostly the most satly are also the worse fro
  9. I said, There are extreme cases of p2w, and yes there alot of the spoiled brat attuide going around, " Treat others as you wish to be Treated,, Give back what you get". If someone has that elitest superior attuide, I will treat him as less, and have same attuide toward him. But i´m talking about people that maybe dropped 100-200 euros on this game, it might sound as alot but example in Denmark it really isn´t, As said it wont even cover a night out for me. The average Joe, " I bought 7 of these chests for HM coins, No more, Rng stroke me hardcore and i got both gems from
  10. If they ban me for using Wtfast, first thing i´m going to do is Sue ncsoft, they fail to deliever stable servers and heard from people they even got advised to use pingtool by support. The first banwave banned alot of people for pingtools was a mistake, it was stated somewhere also. Ncsoft Eu servers has never been more unstable, laggy, whole servers crashing, login servers down least once a week, and its not uncommon for MANY (if you not part of it just rejoice, I wasn´t until suddenly a maintaince) to crash 2-10 times a day. I have now used wtfast 5 days havnt had a single C
  11. I Look at calender. it says 2016. We are supposed to live in a moden world, all over the world people are working hard to stop discrimination"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination If you wish to argue whatever it is or is not discrimination , If you are being Racist,Sexist or Homopohic it will get you banned from more or less any forum and rededit, you will put yourself in bad light and its social not acceptable. " Yes that relies on peoples gender, race and sexuality, But than it would make it acceptable to discriminate poor people also" I´m from Denmark and we have
  12. So lets all go f2p and se howlong the servers stay Open... your logic... And GW2 people also spend money on game, but no one lifted a eyebrow no one screamed p2w. Because the commuinity wasnt a bunch of salty butthurt poor people that just cant get over themself. My Problem... People are discriminating people because they have Money.. You could aswell go full racist.
  13. Should be p2p, All these f2p players QQing everytime they see someone drop money on this game. Even tho they are the very reason they can play for free. ´Oh thanks for making sure i can play this game for free, Now *cricket* you,-Insert salt-´ F2p logic( disclaimer i know its not all F2P players), but for some 200 Euros are pennies, for some 2k euros are pennies and so we go. p2p has given the games i played much better community, such a gw2 atleast the server i was part of had the best community i have ever played with. And very few bots compared to these f2p games.. Also Tox
  14. These linked servers will have a combined Faction population count, thus we have also taken care to look at faction balance to consider the server groups. From http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/linked-server-groups-arriving-july-14/ Group 2 Cardinal Gates, Hao District, Greenhollow, Spirit’s Rest Group 3 Starfall Crater, Ebon Hall, Angler’s Watch, Twin Wagons Correct me if i´m wrong. But Hao, Green and spirit are all Cerulean( I know certain Hao are 100% cerulean) Cardinal has stro
  15. The RNG box was promised not to happen. It happened, 3 times now. The coat was promised not to return, It might. Just cash up the easyt money and sue ncsoft . problem solved :P
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