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  1. New Yun class revealed...

    so basically , it's an enhanced summoner, except more overpowered, but probably with a tougher playstyle? Still, I like the idea.
  2. Did Ncsoft west add invisible wall?

    It might have gotten added in a later patch in Korea to prevent some exploit? NCsoft isn't smart enough to be doing anything on their own in EU/US, I really can't imagine that they'd add things.
  3. Why are whispers forbidden?

    You can't whisper people in PvP so that 1vs1 arena people don't talk to each other. Because of the usual, insults and butthurt. Additionally, this protects you from bot spam in arena. It's possible in Elsword, you'd be surprised how pathetic people are. As for not being to cross-server whisper, that might have something to do with how servers are separated outside of cross-server lobbies/areas.
  4. Can cat revive dead players ?

    If the summoner is alive, he can ask the cat to revive a player (not sure if it's possible to command from far away even if range is 30). If the summoner is the only survivor, this is probably not possible because you need the cat to tank and the cat can't keep the boss taunted forever. If the summoner is dead he can either resurrect himself, or activate the 11sec cast time 10min cooldown emergency skill "Farewell" to revive everyone. It's probably not possible to activate this if the cat is the only survivor in a boss fight.
  5. You guys keep bawling that allowing splitting during purchases would fix the current economy... But you fail to realize that this system is currently designed around forbidding this. Eliminate auction fees or completely change the way they work first. Currently the seller is the one choosing how much to sell and the reason the items are cheap is because they're giving you a bulk discount. Guess what, though? That won't *cricket*ing fix anything anyways, coz the reason this game's economy went down the toilet are the completely broken professions.
  6. Can't buy it? Too bad. Wait until you find an offer you like. You can't satisfy everyone and in this case it makes sense to give control to the ones selling. Welcome to your first MMO.
  7. IIRC, World of Warcraft and TERA force you to buy the whole batch the seller put on auction, too. It's a great system. Why? Because the sellers can control how much they'll sell. And most of the time you sell MORE than you would have otherwise. I make full use of this system, selling single items for high prices (they'll always sell anyways with this trash economy) and large batches for low prices (bulk discount). Of course, to make sure you don't sell too much, pick your item numbers based on how much the buyers will need. Like, only put cinderland transformation stones in groups of up to 5
  8. Just gambling here, but... VMWare? Also, that logitech software doesn't let you macro, does it?
  9. Mail restrictions

    You don't need to know the name if you know the price. That's all I'll say about it. It's a pretty useful way of transfering your money/items to you other characters on the same account (which should be possible WITHOUT any roundabouts, NCsoft...). Though, you'll always be losing money while doing it (on the auction fees).
  10. Thank god players can't talk during 1vs1. Imagine getting beaten up by a cheater, who is constantly spamming his malware-infested gold seller website. Then again, I guess they might already be doing it in 3vs3?
  11. Friendship request by bots

    Wrong. Accepting the coppers is okay. Now, if they send you a big sum, you better decline, unless you want to get banned.
  12. ahhhhhhhh **** it i m done

    you're aware that the cat can stun/daze/grab you while you're dealing with the summoner, right? And that you can't even counter anything coz cat will jump you / summoner will Entangle you? >_> Getting close also isn't easy coz defensive Summoners can pretty much stay in stealth KFM a counter for summoners? I doubt that.
  13. question

    Haven't played it.
  14. question

    There's always WoW for those who still care about that game and can deal with it getting casualized horribly. I just gave up on B&S after two lv45s coz endgame was boring as hell. Now I'm back to TERA after probably 2 years and am trying to remember how to play my lv60 Elin Priest. Spent yesterday night just looking at skills & glyphs, sorting my inventory and randomly using skills in Velika. >_> I might return to B&S during the lv50 patch, though.
  15. question

    endgame is pathetic, so I couldn't keep playing it for long. After EU/US catch up with Korea, I'm giving it 2-3 months and the game is dead.