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  1. Since 64bit-update the game is heaven. No more lags, no more stuttering we all had. Everything started with mushin update... left the game because it was unplayable and support said the issue is either my connection (packet loss) or my specs. They've always said the problem is on my end. Now they finally did something. And it runs perfect. My problems, again? No.
  2. For me I havn't done PVP with my main FM since mushin patch. (Stutters and horrible lags) my ping is fine with only 28-34ms but I don't bother and after abstinence I dont really feel to do arena PvP anymore. I have leveled up Blade Master and find her most suitable vs assassins and KFM (That "wait for CD and 100-0" is BS but at least it works to my advantage) But BM vs SUM is again unsatisfying. And there are so many of them. ^^ As a Summoner I do a few PvP to learn PvP strategic-wise with some nice HM skills. But another problem here that I need to get advanced dandelion first.
  3. Its a link to a picture :) Hosted on imgur.com But still, cannot spot major differences... (Maybe I am lucky) Create a ticket and/or do a file repair, whatever. I have a gtx765m (potatoe) and it works perfectly (Thanks to "No GameGuard") Some more screenshots. It's linked again so other people don't waste their bandwidth. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
  4. Hmm I can login. Maybe automatic file-repair helps? Graphic works fine for me as well Screenshot1 Screenshot2
  5. I leveled up summoner and FM. did not had any problems. Now with my BM I was stuck in the portal. I was flying in and got stuck, turned camera and the characker slowly moves down to the ground. Kept pressing S but no SS and after some time I got in.
  6. For PvE as it is in Korea right now the Summoner is the best and Warlock is just for the buffs. Yeah, unfortunately. Summoner has the most use to a group. its ranged and has support and the cat, yeah cats. Most utilities. FM will never be top tier in PvE :( Dammit
  7. Hunters guild (Trapper's alliance) near the Green thumb guild also gives 1000 exp. Or did you merged them because you have written "Fish trapper alliance" which is the fish network no? Trapper's Alliance Guild look for Han Gisok Fish Network look for Beitu Just a tip from me: get a char to level up Aquired Taste and Silver Cauldron to 4 because in Silverfrost update people will buy alot of food and pots for some dungeons.
  8. Okay I don't care about bots tbh Arena bots are easy wins and I havn't seen many bots in dungeons. (Saw 1 yesterday) But yes, I love this game and bots will never disappear. I would always prefer bots over cheaters/exploiters. They are predictable.
  9. Why can't you just enjoy the game and its content? Be happy to be able to play it here. I still havn't seen everything, I want to play all classes and level them up. I love to grind stuff even tho the grind isn't really here. (yet) The Game is not dead and I guess it won't be dead in a year. OK I can rage when it comes to performance issues but that's another thing.
  10. I would love to have it here. DPS meters are so good to improve yourself or if you are in a group (in your clan or friends) it is nice to compare each other. Then it comes to "I improve and next time rekt your dps." Yes it tends into a dps race and I like the idea. :) Everyone in the group benefits. FFXIV was my first MMO, playing it 2 years and the best example that gear<skill. I have seen people (including myself as a monk) doing by far more dps with itemLvL 190 than others with 210 When I see other monks in dungeons with similar or better gear I alway
  11. Well, I wrote support again. Let's wait. Right now it's fairly smooth here without GameGuard. I have asked the support how it can be that the CN servers are running fine while ours not. Hard to say if they read it or not since I get automated replies :( Besides performance I don't really care about anything else here on NA/EU. I'm enyoing the game as far as I can. I don't care about bots or the prices at the AH because I make/farm stuff myself. But with performance issues and freezes I don't wanna do PvP :( and I gave up at 1879 because of t
  12. At BSH release I only noticed a few freezes. Wasn't so bad but kind of a problem in arena ^^ After unchained patch things got worse. Yes, the western game release with 15-28ms ping and awesome gameplay is everything I've ever dreamed it would be and more. But the game's performance is like the bad year 2015 (cn server) But support sais the problem is on my end which I cannot understand. CN=no problem, EU/NA with issues? It's the same game basically...
  13. Personally I hope it stays turned off because the game is running fine at the moment. Support said its an error on my side even tho it's running fine without GameGuard. It it is one game runs like shit. Im just happy my BM is finally lvl45 and I can claim my rewards soon :-)
  14. Yes me too... master pack plus both signature packs (Items, sunglass and 37 premum days.) I want the feather so I have subscribed. The waiting is the hardest time :( But well, I will probably forget about the feather in some weeks. And on may 13th 2017 I will get a surprise I guess. <3 Fair enough. But we should ask the support? Its like irl I cannot have enough clothes *_*
  15. Sind das nicht die 3 von denen man die Kleidung für diesen perversen Spanner stehlen sollte?
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