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  1. Since 64bit-update the game is heaven. No more lags, no more stuttering we all had. Everything started with mushin update... left the game because it was unplayable and support said the issue is either my connection (packet loss) or my specs. They've always said the problem is on my end. Now they finally did something. And it runs perfect. My problems, again? No.
  2. I would love to have it here. DPS meters are so good to improve yourself or if you are in a group (in your clan or friends) it is nice to compare each other. Then it comes to "I improve and next time rekt your dps." Yes it tends into a dps race and I like the idea. :) Everyone in the group benefits. FFXIV was my first MMO, playing it 2 years and the best example that gear<skill. I have seen people (including myself as a monk) doing by far more dps with itemLvL 190 than others with 210 When I see other monks in dungeons with similar or better gear I alway
  3. Sind das nicht die 3 von denen man die Kleidung für diesen perversen Spanner stehlen sollte?
  4. Ich muss unbedingt das Poharan-Kostüm farmen wenn ich 45 bin :) Sieht wirklich echt aus. Hier ein screen wie es bald aussehen kann/wird. :-) Credit für das Preset (leicht modifiziert): Rendermax
  5. No. THEY deactivated it. GameGuard isn't loading anymore (I just deleted GameGuard folder and it isn't loading new files.) No stutters. YES!
  6. wow cant someone do something about this shit? Gameguard does nothing to bots. They are all lvl 45. no one will ever ban them. I have seen HM15 hots in CN do you know how long it takes to reach that lvl? This means they dont care. Thats the nice "Mu Chang Hao" bot and the name makes no sense. Hes in Arena for a year now. Now I have to write support again -.-
  7. Perfectly fine here. no GameGuard anymore, deleted gameguard folder now. Yes! Just had a restart after I got many DC after removal. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG feels like heaven!
  8. WTF gameguard is gone now? Holy moly! And btw you can claim the price next week and the week after
  9. Uhm isnt this kinda like bypassing? If you disable the monitoring it doesnt monitore your actions any longer? I have deleted the GameGuard folder a few times to see if it gets better or not since it auto-updates every time when I restart the game. And Norton also thinks captcha is a virus and blocks it from time to time (I had this shit in tribal wars) I think the russians are awesome in creating tools like this but this is going a bit too far, no?
  10. Lets hope for the next patch ^^ I installed it on another PC I have bought for this (cant believe I've really done that) With both AMD CPU and GPU. It works - finally. Rest in peace old PC :( People don't like NVIDIA these days, even tho they are the best imo Q_Q But it feels like playing with parkinson - literally
  11. Yeah the presets from rendermax are awesome. I used the Poharan one for my jin. So cute. Just need to get her to 45 asap and farm that poharan costumes <3
  12. So if I install Windows 10 it MAYBE gets better? Denied! I hate Win10 and just reinstalled everything from scratch. will install BNS on my 6 year old crappy lappy. No defrag and cleans for years. https://www.sony.de/support/de/content/cnt-specs/VGN-FW41M/list Hope It works!
  13. This isnt funny. Im playing on low lvl to get is "smooth" yeah still some shutters. Holy crap. For the people from NCsoft: FPS shuttering is OP, please nerf. This is how Im playing at the moment. used alt+Enter to get it to fullscreen Dont klick if you don't wanna get eye-cancer.
  14. Hmm I tried to confirm this but maybe Im too slow. Game is crashing too fast after killing Gameguard... Anyone?
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