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Leeching Noobs

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Can u guys please fix the leeching problem that is occurring more and more. Noobs joining dungeon party and staying at the entrance not doing anything and getting loot chance. Simple fix would be that they would have to do at least 5% damage to the boss to be able to get loot reward or cash if someone outbids them.

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Best bet is when party get started before entering a dungeon check if you like their levels or not, if you feel their levels to low just leave right away.


Next thing is afkers I seen some that will stay outside dungeon and come in when fighting boss which probably means someone telling them in party or someone is playing both since a lot of people gave up and will 5 man 6 man dungeon. What I do now is make sure everyone in and make sure everyone is moving if not I will wait until they  move cause at times they lag may take minute. If they don't move 3 options quit party, 5 man it or just afk with them until others leave or they 4 man it. Don't forget tell people your not helping afker since I had exp one person afk at entrance then we quit and did same dungeon and same person on team. I mention them and next thing two people quit afker and his other acct.

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