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  1. I feel like 15 hm coins would've been suitable for the daily box.
  2. Honestly if I have to pay a third party just to play a f2p game that also tries to gouge my wallet I'll just play something else.
  3. Same here, looked at a trace route and that trip through sweden is just disgusting. And "wahh we don't have enough money for better infrastructure/routing" is so typically small time. They knew porting a ping sensitive game with cheap korean netcode (god koreans don't know how to do better because they've never had to, see: hyper universe) wouldn't play well internationally and they should've had this in mind from the ground up.
  4. yeah as far as i'm aware freedom of speech only protects you from the government, businesses like ncsoft here are fully within their rights to kick your nasty butt out
  5. If those god forsaken telia nodes start crapping out and I gain 100ms that's my dps being cut by a huge chunk. >_<
  6. MoW was nice to me! Thanks ncsoft for not makin me grind naryu :D
  7. Bluhhh I wish they'd put gale force / LS in there too.
  8. And is that because of the direct gold cost or because of the mat costs? Use your head. Upgrading the soul is a big red flag of how inflated this economy is. In the end, if you want more gold then you'll have to put up with nobody needing F9. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  9. oh yeah that's what you meant, my bad. the prices need to be higher and it needs to be difficult to accumulate 8k gold in the first place. then people might start buying from f9 again
  10. It needs to disappear completely not just change hands
  11. They already do, they're called venture tokens, but we all know the case with those don't we. I get the feeling it's all one big illusion, one big CYA when someone points the p2w finger at them, they don't actually want these methods to exist let alone be an effective way for someone to forego spending real money on ncoins.
  12. So now there'll be thousands of listings of 5 for 10. Gold has no value because NCsoft decided that it has no value. There aren't enough gold sinks and there's too much gold coming in. If they were serious about this the trove events would be oriented around eliminating gold from the economy but they aren't so that's why we end up with half-assed do nothing solutions like these.
  13. I got extremely lucky last night and found a rosethorn in just 5 boxes (last 3 were accidental). Sold it and bought countdown instead. Also got to cross lotus and wild stallion off my most wanted list!
  14. In b4 the inevitable tool appears to tell us how he got rosethorn in 3 boxes. I would like to know some stats though to see how this rng might be weighted and how much fabric you would get out of the 10 boxes. If there isn't a realistic chance to get say cold soldier or white hot I may as well drop the 20 for red rider instead.
  15. awww yeah, i just finished watching jim sterling's various rants about this topic goodbye 40 minutes!
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