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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    How long is good enough for everyone else, you can't please everyone on the game. Some have a lot of 45's some have few True Pirates Weapons some only have 1 lvl 45 with only siren. If your casual player of course will take you a lot longer, if you only play 3-4 hrs everyday or maybe every other day of course you always going be behind. Some people play game with friends take their time chat have fun, of course you going be behind, not sure what MMO that it take 1 week get best gear in game. New update should give you more ways getting gold not like you have to solo it, you can enjoy the game with friends, guild mates. If you guild doesn't help you ever then wrong guild for you and go find better one that helps their member's I don't mean hand you free gold.
  2. New 50 lvl big update

    Warlock was released with 50 patch we got it early so your already ahead of the game,
  3. New 50 lvl big update

    Least people can't complain about PvP being unbalance no more since 50 patch is coming, but hell we found something else whine about now.
  4. New 50 lvl big update

    Way to early for April Fools joke.
  5. New 50 lvl big update

    How that's our fault you waited for Warlock hell I got Warlock 45 already didn't like has much, ever heard of drops god forbid you run same dungeon try make gold. Should of ran lab 6 man people bidding 1-5g on some SS then last boss if you lucky get another 5g from it. Don't say you didn't have enough time to gear up again to run lab not everyone was elites long you had close 350 Warlock should be good enough with you uber buff you give people. I'm enjoy this updated since I already got my information on what drops where, gotta be first get that merry potters $.$. Yes of course when first set of Trans Stone comes out going be expensive how much you think Moon water was started out at 15g slowly went down. What you think they always been around 4g?
  6. New 50 lvl big update

    You had time unless you waited for warlock class and didn't play nothing else, I'm gone 12 hrs in day 4 days a week meaning I had around 4-5 hrs to play if I had nothing else to do that day. That's not counting Over Time days I had to work, I got 2 pirate weapons on my Des and summoner so you all who whining sorry, For the people that only played Warlock class that's it I'm sorry but that's life. It's boring to do daily's ever single day.
  7. Summoner need an huge nerf

    All right new whine thread, Assassin shouldn't be able to be invis most fight on my des and hide in corner. KFM shouldn't be able to stun lock me and my cat if I screw up from 100-0 FM should be able to immobilize me most fight if i screw up. Des shouldn't be able spam Q with fury when I run away slowly hit q hoping he hits me since some reason when I run away they still catch up at times. Warlock no comment BM no comment LBD spinning like they in hula hoop most fight -_- Ever class has weakness plus again most our updated skill for 50 so when 50 update comes and summoner gets owned more are we going get all our buffs back again? Didn't feel like whining myself more at work have fun, join the train or shh.
  8. Pissed Off! Errors all day long!

    I remember one day I kept getting booted out when I tried to log in, their was program that collated with Blade & Soul, I know some video cards has its own little program they use, not sure if you have radeon or not. Before logging in try closing out all other programs maybe one of them is interfering with the game client.
  9. Cowards detected? Exit function abuse :O

    I didn't even know you could do use that in PvP, which now the people who didn't know going use it. No I didn't read everyone comment just in case someone said this already.
  10. I'm sorry, don't think this be first eSports, you can't make your own and call it the first one ever. It's nice to make your own tournament for fun and award prizes and get more people into the game, but I think our first official eSports is long way off until we catch up with our updates.
  11. Lag

    Trying figure out why the hell I have lag in this game when I do arena battles, at time while doing PvE, not skill delay not like I push button and takes while to use it more I press button then I basically freeze for sec and then I'm there. It's like people moving fast. This is my system set-up, Processor Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHzz Memory 32,0 GB Video AMD Radeon R9 200 Series I have 20MB internet which is not super high has some places but think its enough since I'm only one using it.
  12. Is their a way to turn off other people animation effects seeing 10+ lbd doing lighting doesn't help on BW. If their is no way, why hasn't NcSoft made one yet?
  13. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    I got first time since playing this error spend hour trying fix it by other people post, when I was about give up and do restore I thought about what I just downloaded. AMD Gaming evolve, guessing new thing they trying for different kind of games. When I exit that my errors stop, guessing anything kinda like that I would exit.
  14. Leeching Noobs

    Best bet is when party get started before entering a dungeon check if you like their levels or not, if you feel their levels to low just leave right away. Next thing is afkers I seen some that will stay outside dungeon and come in when fighting boss which probably means someone telling them in party or someone is playing both since a lot of people gave up and will 5 man 6 man dungeon. What I do now is make sure everyone in and make sure everyone is moving if not I will wait until they move cause at times they lag may take minute. If they don't move 3 options quit party, 5 man it or just afk with them until others leave or they 4 man it. Don't forget tell people your not helping afker since I had exp one person afk at entrance then we quit and did same dungeon and same person on team. I mention them and next thing two people quit afker and his other acct.
  15. Why Cant I Enter Any Of The Mushin Rooms?

    Probably gotta talk to NPC next to portal since you can skip some floors with scroll or start at first floor
  16. Servers just get pooped on?

    Bot's probably can't spam gold site so they trying dos attack
  17. How does destroyer "avoid" damage?

    C button skill has nice, since if in pve or pvp they resist you can knock them in the air and pile drive them. If you have fast reaction when kfm ss just press c haven't tested yet cause of my timing.
  18. Dont allow some mobs to be grabbed

    I do that on Waldo at times, when people farming the faction bosses but still wanna be jerk not needing him and hit him. Yes I can go on another channel but I don't wanna flip through 5+ channels find one where I don't get ganked has I'm killing him.
  19. Web armory like WoW? Not sure if this what you looking for but has some information on outifts.
  20. Mailing to alt chars

    I do believe don't quote me on this that if you alt char and main are in same clan should auto fill then if not your alt character's name will not auto fill from you main character, just make sure to spell you alt character correct and just send it.
  21. Is it worth upgrading the True Profane Sword.

    I think I got one of those boxes, came from the wheel inside the 24 man. I didn't see no key from the mall you can use. If I get it again I will link it to make sure.
  22. Winter Chest

    Think only reason I even bought it was for those moonwater stones and lucky charms (I believe its called) that give exp to your weapon. That made my upgrade really cheap for me.
  23. Winter Chest

    I understand rng but I really doubt someone spend 6k U.S or 6k Euro to get one costume, I heard people spending on rng boxes not this game around 100$+ never 6k.
  24. Winter Chest

    I second that BS
  25. I got the lowest token 4 times so far, never any higher. Probably one of those.00001 chance getting it. It's free stuff on store.