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  1. well wait till you have the part :Master Hong's Ninth Lesson, then you get totally stuck as you cant finish it do to you need to finish a daily in the shackled isles and in the EU part its impossible to get it done do to never ever getting 20 players and well after the 24 july you cant even solo que anymore for it as you will have to be 3 players in a group to do it and even if you manage to find 2 players to join it wont happen do to it only starts at set hour if there are 20 players ....
  2. If they dont anser soon i rather quit the game then start a new toon on a new server .
  3. Server transfer is defenetly needed i don't get why they are adding new servers when so many servers are almost dead i'm on spirit rest and i almost never ever see any players around .
  4. I'm wondering will there be any option to server change as i'm playing on Spirit Rest server and i feel like there are not many on that server at all and i just dont feel i can start the grind on other server from lvl 1 after all the work i have put in my toon there
  5. well not to mention lvl 27 that are joining the max lvl dungeons also ......
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