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  1. theres a lot of weird sh1t going on in arena though i never seen what you described. if it happened just once i wouldnt bother making a thread about it too many unknown factors
  2. summoners gone from leaderboards? in NA 7 out of 10 players are summoners in Top 10
  3. farming for storm siren/ siren is less RNG though if you farm to exchange with siren emblems at npc. so if you really cant get the forgotten weap use the key there.
  4. we certainly dont need this because i dont sell in market anyway and devs have more important things to do than this k jk --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sure this would be nice convenient interface improvement and easy to implement.
  5. yeah I always report them while in dungeon and always ask others in party to do the same but I thought sending a ticket would do more
  6. you will need it when you will be upgrading your siren weaps
  7. have anyone tried reporting bots/leechers in dungeons via email support with some success?
  8. about the same or more farming destro bots in 1v1. i no longer do any more than dailies though because price for soulstones keep dropping by 2 or 3 silver for each every day.
  9. have anyone seen plat destroyer already?
  10. only that slip kick doesnt do anything if not specced into grappling counter. same as you cant escape from destroyer's shield smashing if you didnt spec into grappling counter.
  11. do you realize that you cant have both graplling counter AND escape stun?
  12. i dont see anything bad with that. if some people prefer only those with high dps why not?
  13. i wasnt saying 50% i meant when KFM is on dangerous health such as 5k using full pummel will bring KFM back to game near half HP. the grappling counter is a choice you make when you decide to sacrifice stun with escape. definitely not everyone specs into grappling counter. I cant test it myself at the moment though I must say 21% is definitely too low.
  14. if enemy has no escape nothing stops you from healing. full 3RPummel is enough to make a huge difference, from almost dead to sometimes half hp. I didnt test it so cant give you exact amounts it might be 30-40%. 3 normal punches + pummel no headbutt. The normal punches might be 3% heal per hit but pummel heals more. I will test this later and if crit affects the heals. If you fought a grappler KFM with good ping you should have noticed how tanky they are.
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