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Class Warfare


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So far I've seen several people each calling each and every other class OP.


Destroyers? OP

Blade Dancers? OP

Blade Masters? OP

Summoner? OP

Kung Fu Master? OP

Force Master? OP


Sure some classes are easier to play than other classes, but if you know what you are doing you can beat them.


Learn your class, this game isn't even 1 month old yet.

There ARE ways for your class to beat whatever class you are having trouble with.

Bait opponents into using up their tab and you can do your combos.

And DON'T use up your tab on the first chance you get.


There are a few people here on the forums with good advice, such as the PvP for dummies thread and the mindset thread.

Take a look and pay attention to them!


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THe classes ar so shallow , it just isnt interesting for North America audience. Ill be honest I expected something more from this game then what is playable now, The classes them selve are absolutely boring to play. Ive learned 5 classes now and i'm still bored.

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Naruto I suggest watching some vids of summoner vs assassin or ask some good assassins how they play against summoners.

Sorry I can't help you I don't know how to play that class only how to play against it. =/

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