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  1. So recently I started a new char and so forth and what not. Well I've been keeping my weapon at stage 1 until I can craft one with 5-6 sockets. That being said it seems like either they changed something with the rates of how many sockets the weapon gets at stage 1... OR my RNG is completely terrible at this weapon. In case I need to clarify further this is going from unrefined scaleburn to seraph guantlets. Out of 7 attempts: - 6 x 3 socket gauntlets - 1 x 4 socket gauntlets Anybody else experiencing this or is it just my RNG?
  2. Season of Courage?

    When can we trade our accumulated tokens to 1 char so we can get this badge?
  3. Known Issue: Coin of Memory Event Token

    What about those of us who didn't look at the forums until now that have been exchanging them every day?
  4. Seraph Vs Baleful?

    I see lots of gunners going baleful but I'd like to know the major difference between them, such as how they will affect the build/playstyle. Please and thank you.
  5. Constant DCing

    I'm having the same issues. I've noticed that when my inventory is open the loading cursor is like having a spastic attack switching between regular cursor and loading. When this starts happening I know I will dc shortly.
  6. What the frak does GameGuard DO?!?

    Now that it's back again I get to watch my anti virus block the "host file" each time.
  7. I am banned and need help

    Offense =/= Conclusion Edit: Now you can quit this topic looking for help.
  8. I am banned and need help

    Am I the only one that saw the offense is use of third party program? I suggest if you are innocent and not using any overlays, macro, (maybe WTFast?), or any other game enhancing things to check to see if you have any additional programs running that might influence the BnS experience.
  9. Forgotten Brightstone Bangle Drop rate

    That happened to me once (still haven't got this one but) as soon as i started complaining about it I got one on the very next run.
  10. It's not a glitch, make sure you are close enough to them and are looking at your opponent. I used to miss a lot with my air combos until I found the sweet spot. The tricky part is when your opponent back steps and the game catches up (lag) so you think you are right on them when you need to move just a little bit further forward which is what I'm assuming is happening to you since the left/right camera angle is pretty obvious.
  11. Time to nerf Blade dancers ?

    BD stuns don't even last that long and if you got 100-0 it's your own fault for blowing your escapes too early same with any other class. I suggest watching some pvp tutorials about your class to see how to counter other classes. If you want to see a class with long stun times look at KFM and BM. As to the OP, I find your post annoying does that mean ncsoft should nerf you to banland?
  12. I feel like a magnet for a-holes lol. Today I got called a dip shit for not giving up when it was 2v3 after he literally suicides when it was his turn. (we had 1 afk) And apparently I'm retarded for not giving up and going to another match for more zen beans o.o I get it computer screen immortality and all, but what's happening to manners and common courtesy nowadays... If it's not some 15 year old saying he *cricket*ed my mom then it's some other butt yelling at his team because they don't do what he wants them to.
  13. Let's all stop pretending

    Please follow the stencil D:
  14. Okay guys, this game is over 1 month old now and it's time to make concessions. Here's how this thread works, name 1 thing that's OP about the class you are playing and the next person posting either agrees/disagrees with the aspect you said being OP or not then posts something that's OP about their own class. This includes you too BM you are not exempt so play nice :P I'll start! As a BD I will admit that the parry/stun on my Vortex is a bit OP (I don't even use it much anymore except for facing FM where I feel its required to stop the endless barrage of spells, and rarely vs any other class). Okay? There! I feel better letting that one out.
  15. So a summoner called me bad

    It's like 1/10 matches people might say 1 thing and 1/20 where people are chatty.