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    Did you go through the Windows 10's setting and turn a lotof the blot apps off ? The biggest thing, cortona, if you want to use it up to you, if you want to disable it, google it. There is a way too. I'm running Windows 10 and love it. It hasnt not decreased my performance at all. Every application from 32 to 64 bit has run flawlessly.
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    IMO , if the OP unclocks everything he over clocked, he would have a much better computer. I also would suggest the following : Ccleaner Malwarebytes every week check the add remove programs tab to see if anything installed that looks suspect. Check thr AppData folder to look for "wtf is that" folders Basic maintenance for the 21st century
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    Running : AMD 8350FX (manufacturer clock Speed) ASUS Sabertooth 990FX 32 Gigs 1600mhz @ (stock) Cool Master Seidon 240M (water cooling block) Ultra Rogue full tower case 2 x 120 mm fans on the front 1 x 120 mm fan exhaust 1 x 200 mm intake 2 x 120 scythe slim fans on th radiator 1100 watt Ultra Psu 2 x 1 terabyte hdd's 1 3tb hd partitioned 1tb each 1 240gig SSD for my real games * which is few Windows 10 Professional 64bit I run everything from Adobe Creative suit to Ableton Live I'm multimedia artist / web designer / musician Who knows how to properly build and set up a computer. I run this game capped off at 59 fps, easy. My biggest advice to people preparing to build a PC, read the manuals, they aren't for setting aside.
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    The OP is an intel shill who knows nothing about AMD and Windows 10. Just trying to sell Intel CPUS and Nvidia cards. He probably doesn't even have a AMD processor. I was wrong, the game is using 78 threads and 4 cores. With 2 cores running background processes. That is the beauty of Windows 10.
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    Its your computers grave, not mine. Air cooling for Oc'd chip , good lick with that,
  7. Class Warfare

    THe classes ar so shallow , it just isnt interesting for North America audience. Ill be honest I expected something more from this game then what is playable now, The classes them selve are absolutely boring to play. Ive learned 5 classes now and i'm still bored.
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    Dude, I *cricket*ing look in the *cricket* system resource manager , the game uses 6 *cricket*ing cores, windows 8.1 is absolute shit for gaming. 600wats is to small for that gpu and processor, what is Ram ? Also the M5a87 is a slower mother board then the sabertooth 990fx series. OCing on a shitty mother board will end up creating more problems then performance. What heatsink / fans and computer tower ? Before you post, Ive been building AMD exclusive rigs for the past 12 years. So dont come at me with your half assed logic on how the cpus works.
  9. LF 1800+ players for ESL 3s team!

    this thread is so pleb.
  10. THose people have already left. Nothing to worry about there.
  11. so many arena bots

    When people think zerging in open with their faction whores if real pvp. clowns to the left me clowns to the right. ...
  12. EASY way to Diamond

    sigh pointing out the obvious of core game mechanic failures = trolling. gg Have fun in the fallacy !
  13. EASY way to Diamond

    who says one has to do any matches they can just sit around and blah bah im diamond blah blah
  14. Roll 2 accounts. Spar yourself. Game design #failures are epic lol
  15. so many arena bots

    I troll all matches. I don't want to rank. I want to be the anti-sport.