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  1. Are we getting New Year costumes?

    they didn't say anything about new year costumes on their stream, so I don't think so. At least not anytime soon.
  2. What is this madness?

    I got that error, too every once in a while. Try this: I got my code instantly, and when I applied the code I also got my NCoin instantly. Hopes this will help.
  3. Act IV Chapter 1

    it's not in the game yet.
  4. Good news for you!

    Just had to post it haha xD
  5. That's not even remotely the same context. One have to do making money and other have to do with right and wrong (morals and ethics). While I do argee with what you said, that if RNG boxes stays, then it is because of the players buying them. But let get real here, do you really think that no one will buy them? As much as I hate RNG boxes, I already accepted the assumption that they will be here forever the moment I saw them. One proof to my assumption is the guy that buys $6,000 EUR worth of them. What I don't get is why is the people buying them just for the outfit the bad guys? I mean, we're just supporting the game that we all love. It's not like I'm going to sell any of the items I get to saturate the market and hurt F2P players.
  6. Sorry if I pissed you off for wanting an outfit. And honestly, if I don't buy them, someone else will. Meaning those RNG boxes will never go away. So I might as well get in on the action now. And if this game does indeed die because of RNG boxes, then know this, it's not because of the player(s) who buys RNG box(es), it's because of NCsoft for putting out those boxes in the first place. And if you hate me for that, then you will really hate this person who spend $6000 EUR.
  7. OP, try buying through Amazon. Works for me every time.
  8. Disconnect

    There is a maintenance going on.
  9. How many premium points per rank?

    OP wants to know how much points it take to get from rank 1 to 2. Rank 2 to 3, and etc. sadly, that link doesn't show how much points is needed for each rank (Even though it should!) Rank - Total Premium Points for Rank # Rank 1 - 0 Rank 2 - 20,800 (+20,800 Premium Points needed to get from 1 to 2, or $26 USD/EUR) Rank 3 - 34,400 (+13,600 Premium Points needed to get from 2 to 3, or $17 USD/EUR) Rank 4 - 48,800 (+14,400 Premium Points needed to get from 3 to 4, or $18 USD/EUR) Rank 5 - 80,000 (+31,200 Premium Points needed to get from 4 to 5, or $39 USD/EUR) Rank 6 - 160,000 (+80,000 Premium Points needed to get from 5 to 6, or $100 USD/EUR) Rank 7 - 264,000 (+104,000 Premium Points needed to get from 6 to 7, or $130 USD/EUR) Rank 8 - 400,000 (+136,000 Premium Points needed to get from 7 to 8, or $170 USD/EUR) Rank 9 - 584,000 (+184,000 Premium Points needed to get from 8 to 9, or $230 USD/EUR) Rank 10 - 1,200,000 (+616,000 Premium Points needed to get from 9 to 10, or $770 USD/EUR) $1 USD or EUR (depending on where you live) is = to 80 NCoin. 80 NCoin = 800 premium points. So you need to spend a total of $1500 USD/EUR worth of NCoin to get from rank 1 to rank 10. (Because $1500 * 80 = 120,000 NCoin, spending all those NCoin will give you 1.2 million premium.) Hopes this help.
  10. try this. Next time when the application launch. Open task manager. Find Blade and soul, click the arrow on the left, right click on the new blade and soul that showed up, click maximize.
  11. haha thanks xD and honestly, it's better to take your time to get to rank 10. Rank 7 is already good enough. I rushed my way to rank 10 and it honestly doesn't feel that amazing. I mean, I'm happy, but at the same time, I spended a lot of money in a short time getting here. wow another lucky person :O and hey, I think you did pretty good on those RNG "pay-to-win" wise. Out of those 112 RNG boxes, I got 2 moonwater stones while you got 4.
  12. I hate RNG too. But I needed to buy $200 more to get to rank 10. And since I'm a major cosmetic person, part of me wanted to do it. Now that I hit rank 10, I probably won't buy it anymore seeing how my luck was. Ohh grats :) I'm jelly.
  13. Hello guys. So I brought 112 of those RNG box and still didn't get any outfit. :( How is everyone else rate for the outfit so far? Any luck?
  14. Refund good luck!
  15. I argee. I'm tired of Hajoon!