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  1. I would have to coin FM as well. FM's supposedly bad match up is against the worst class in the game, BM. That alone "kinda" speak how good FM is. BM being the worst class give FM alot of advantage in top tier (very few good BM to run into, at the same time BM don't have alot of tools u need to figure out). My biggest realization is when I saw some FM top level play... I really don't think BM has answer for it (good timing on heal make BM's damage not enough to overcome in attrition). IMO both BD and Dest fall off later against KFM. While FM is one of the 2 harder match up for KFM. Let's put it this way... If both side play absolutely perfect, BD and Dest will both lose out against KFM. (imo, both BD and dest actually rely on punishing opponent mistake more than making good plays, if opponent don't make mistake, they get edge out in attrition race) When FM lose, it is because FM made a mistake and gave an opening. I don't know if any class can beat FM if played perfectly. IMO, FM is like assassin in terms of being on initiative (having the first move), but without needing as much setup while doing more damage and more control; even crisis management, FM have alot going for them, sin just have a tiny bit more crisis management. just my 2 cents... i honestly dont even play pvp anymore =x spend more time playing fighting games for my competition joy instead.
  2. just disable soul stone pouch from zen beans. u still need zen beans to buy other things that cant be traded. soulstone price going to fall to shit anyway, might as well disable it; pvp'er wont be able to make money very soon either way
  3. There are probably less players in the arena and more bots as it continue. We will probably see 2000 bots soon heh.
  4. learn 2 play git gud XD better practice those forum alt tab combos on reaction!
  5. KFM are the new summoner?

    Just match ur tab to their tremor or rising dragon. now onto the real issue. ncwest say anything about lag?
  6. Cheapest class

    I think the better way to phrase the question is "which class is most economical?" As in a class that can easily farm and pay for itself with even lower end gear.
  7. I hate to say it but.

    With the price dropping about 1.5 silver per day, soon PvP'er can't make money anyway. Removing the pouch and not removing will lead to similar conclusion.
  8. Launch Lineage2 & BnS clients on the same pc

    work around is to use a virtual machine. google it. we dont know how long ncwest will keep gameguard
  9. Farming the Skill Book

    you are actually better off making a pve sin and go solo dungeons for moon tear and sell for gold till u can buy the book. unless you have 3 trust worthy friends that you can do 4 men dungeon with.
  10. BD or BM

    If you have alot of time/money to throw away, BM can be fun. If you don't have alot of time/money, stay away from BM. BM require more dedication/addiction than any other class in order to be decent. In both PvE and PvP. PvE, BM lack the utility or dps to solo farm dungeon as fast as other classes, hence gearing up is slower than other class unless u have alt to make up for it.
  11. Get rid of bots? It is really simple. Unplug the server, all bots gone. XD *run out the thread*
  12. Non-jin race warlock event outfit?

    ok thank you so much, just need that assurance =D
  13. Non-jin race warlock event outfit?

    picture? the lyn on front page isnt using temptation outfit if u r pointing to that
  14. Looking at http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/ show jin the only race with that specific outfit... what do other race get for reaching 45? Or are we getting an outfit we can't use?
  15. Bots in the arena

    they brought back gameguard to *cricket* you off more, so you will quit the game at faster pace to allow bot overlord to take over in a smoother transition.