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  1. Class Warfare

    ok, tell me the way how you gonna beat summoner if you playing assasin? their debuff moves you from stealth and you can escape from rooting once with "SS" - what after? or how you gonna beat assasin with KFM? :D
  2. Costumes

    STUPID FORUM AND PERSONES WHO CHOOSED IT i can't look at my post in "preview mode", to delete "Quote" i need to press Ctrl... Horrible person created this forum =\ To people above i just wanted to say that there is no " 'details' which tells you exactly when they stop selling the outfit". So when it finishes? And for "Look at the costumes now, vs the ones in the Alpha/CBT and then look at the ones in the Asian versions, then take a look at what we've got now again. " What they changed in costumes, can you show screenshots?
  3. Costumes

    Yes, please someone from NCWest tell us how long this "limited" cosutmes will be in NC stores? I want to buy them for few characters but spent all my points on 1 year Premium Membership and bags... Do we have at least 1 week to buy it?
  4. Do you know that FM has throws, many avoidance and stun, ranged moves and different stances like BD? Of course, the hardest is KFM, no doubt. And he needs very good ping. All those who have played all these classes knows that FM, Assasin, BM, BD at same level of difficulty. But some of them need good ping(like Assasin) and some doesn't really need it so good(like Blade Master) Destroer a little harder than Summoner but no so hard as FM/BM/BD/Assasin.
  5. All heroes in NA, and EU - is just a place, do you think so? Americans, you are not right...
  6. New Partnership with Innova

    Guys i beg you - please stop arguing about politics. Otherwise moderators will close this topic.
  7. New Partnership with Innova

    I think you laughed a lot when typed this part of your message. It is well known in russian community that "Innova" is the worst publisher, Even worse than publisher of BnS in China. Yes, of course you want money as much as possible, But there many ways to get it and don't ruin this masterpiece like you want when you giving BnS to another company(which don't really cares about game, of course). There are so many another ways to get money for you - why you don't just create another company of yours in Russia? It's so simple... Blizzard doing that with their WoW and other games in Russia, i don't believe that NCSoft/NCWest can't do the same. And then it will be truthfull words: "We're excited to see Blade & Soul offered in each region with the best server locations, latency, gameplay experience, and level of support possible."
  8. After creation of this topic NCWest only increased price and added 20000 NCoins costume in game. May be we should talk less about this matter?
  9. Rank 10 (Hongmoon Store)?

    I've already asked similar question: Does anyone know how many Premium Points needed for each step in ranks 5-6(31199), 6-7(79999), 7-8(103999), 8-9(135999), 9-10(183999)?
  10. Blocking IP Address from RUSSIA?

    Topic starter means that local publisher named "4game/"Innova" wants and says in their videos about official Russian servers(these servers will launch next spring, after NA/EU servers launch" that here in EU BnS - NCWest will block russian players for sure. It was said many times by community manager in Russia. Thats why topic starter once and forever wants to confirm that he can buy now "Founder pack" here on EU server and play without fear to be banned later.
  11. Not just the entirely of the NA audience and not even Europe but all world which speak english will play this Blade and Soul version. Why these writers allowed to force their tastes for all players in our world?
  12. once again for the Senioir Writer of "Blade & Soul" and his team (he just deleted my comment in his "Open Discussion" right after he started his topic, about that i don't want westernized version but just translated version.) We don't want the world of Blade & Soul to be westernized, we just want it translated!!!
  13. Daily Trade Limit

    Please increase daily Market Sell Slots, even 30 not enough. May be for Premium Members with higher ranks for 5, 6, 7+ - at least 50 slots for 1 account. Otherwise we will be forced to create few accounts just for Market Sell Slots - it will be not confortable for players - and we will not like your company much for this not comfortable switching between accounts everyday... but on the other hand it will be good for you because you can say that so many people play BnS. You decide. :)
  14. Content Schedule for Actual Release

    I played in Korea and China, 4 dungeons at release and Poh are more than enough. I don't need the dummies at all. This is the best MMO of last 10 years and it gives much more pleasure when you do it slowly :)
  15. I think after 4-5 Ranks increse of amount of points needed for next Rank is too high. Are this amount of Premium Points needed to get every Rank till 10Rank (as it was in Alpha) is final or it can be changed at release?