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Point of higher rank crafting?


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So, I'm curious.  What exactly is the point of higher level crafting?  As far as I can tell, you make the same stuff.  Except it takes longer and costs more per item.


So, Forgekeepers.  Seems you basically make repair tools.  Which is fine.  Good, decent profit.


rank 1:

30 minutes for 2 tools.

1cp for ore, 6 copper for the tool.  7 total


So, 15 minutes and 3.5 cp per tool.


rank 2:

requires 20 ore, @ 40 minutes per 10.

so 120 minutes for 5 tools

4cp for 20 ore, 63cp for the tool craft. 67cp total


So, 20 minutes and 14.2cp each.


So, uhm.  HUH?  5 minutes longer per tool, and costs you around 4x as much to make.  And as far as I can tell, the tools are the same.  HUH?  How exactly does that make *any* sense?


Guess we see part of the reason so many gold sellers.  most efficient money making from crafting is at low levels.


edit 2:  I had assumed, apparently incorrectly, that higher level crafting would be MORE efficient, not less so.

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In most cases higher level crafting enables you to make more potent stuf for higher level zones - Viridian -> Cinderlands -> Moonwater.


So currently crafts up to level 3 use materials from those 3 zones. Crafting level 4 is useless at this moment as we do not have whole content (Silverfrost). All in all crafting is not profitable at all in B&S except Merry Potters and Soulwardens and even those will become less proffitable as more and more people will get recepies.

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Actually it used to be something like this before big item revamped


old repair tool

rank 1 - green hammer use for weapon level 3-20

rank 2 - red hammer use for weapon level 20-36 < npc sell this for 20 silver iirc

rank 3 - blue hammer use for weapon level 37-45 (no npc sell iirc)


old unseal

rank 1 - green unseal for item level 1-20

rank 2 - red unseal for item level 21-36 < npc sell this for 20 silver iirc

rank 3 - blue unseal for item level 37-45 (no npc sell iirc)


old potion (all better than npc sell or monster drop)

rank 1 - potion for level 1-20

rank 2 - potion for level 21-36

rank 3 - potion for level 37-45


old dumpling (all better than npc sell or monster drop)

rank 1 - dumplingfor level 1-20

rank 2 - dumpling for level 21-36

rank 3 - dumpling for level 37-45


old key (I dont remember it color)

rank 1 - tier 1 key for chest level 1-20

rank 2 - tier 2 key for chest level 21-36

rank 3 - tier 3 key for chest level 37-45


also 3 tier fusion powder no npc sell all these powder

old fusion powder

green - use for fuse viridion region soulshield  (or level 3-20 SS)

red - use for fuse cinderland region soulshield (or level 21-36 SS)

blue - use for fuse moonwater region soulshield (or level 37-45 SS)


Soulwardens can craft full set SS (artisan set) then salvage it for those powder then sell it to other player.


As you can see with old item version more rank you go more profit you can make from crafting item this is the point to level up crafting rank.

But sadly after item revamped most item become universal item


- gold repair hammer, gold key, gold fusion powder, 1 hp potion type, 1 dumpling type etc

This is why most crafting guild is bad at later rank a good crafting is Soulwarden and Merry potter.


At level 50 patch all player need a ton of silverfrost transformation stone to evolve their weapon and accessories so I sure most player will complain more on that.

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pretty much. c rafting took a hit for the worse when they "simplified" things from the look of it. And the balance is horrible...right now the only crafts that make end game critical stuff is Potters and Soul wardens. 


with the exception of one individual item that each craft makes on it's own that's needed for high level unlocking and guild crafting. But at that point they could have just given us a quest series to get them from, or made them a "guild construction" instead. 


I'm not a huge fan of the crafting in this game, which is sad...I love crafting in many other MMO's (it's part of what attracts me to MMO's), and this system is almost...and i use the term liberally...an insult to real crafting systems.


It's almost like they started with an interesting system, then when they realized it would take more work then they wanted to devote to it, they said, "nevermind...lets just give them some keys and some charms to make, and call it a day."


The funny things is...your not really even crafting things. Your paying for a guild member to make something based on materials you provide...which you got from other guilds that you paid to gather the stuff for you. It's really more of a "Guild Mercantile" system then a real crafting system. 

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This game easily has the worst crafting/gathering system I have seen in any big mmo like this before. You can clearly see why it is F2P. There was a bigger crafting/gathering system in Skyrim LOL. Well, back to FFXIV where the crafting system is like an entire game on to itself.

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