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  1. Weapon Uppgrade

    Tears are solo farmable but you need at least 500AP so it is a closed circle. To get weapon you need tears but you won't get them cheaply without good weapon.
  2. The 700 Club

    Yday I ran Lair 6-man with a guy with 700AP, he said to go when we were 4 ppl so we went. He spent most of the fights dead and us 500+ ppl had to carry him till the end. OFC he outbid us all at the end but whatever, at least we got some of his easy earned gold.
  3. RU Released

    Oh it is not that hard. All you see in chat will be something along the lines of: "сука" or similar. :D
  4. RU Released

    I really doubt that IP block will go other way around. Innova wants EU money. Actually, I never read anything about RU version being unavailable for EU players but I may be wrong. In the old days when I played on RU private B&S server the service was excellent and there were no lags at all.
  5. PvE is laughable.

    LOL. Melees can have 10x block/evasion skills as ranged and it will still only punish them in places like SSP (where most serious attacks from bosses are unblockable anyway). So what if I could block 100% of boss attacks if I wont get ANY reward for doing so. Might as well stand in base camp watching other ppl killing it. Add to it 2x less damage done and you have one fcked melee.
  6. RU Released

    It is official and knowing Russians they will hunt down bots and hackers like crazy coz they don't want to loose paying customers. Also I bet Coin prices will be VERY affordable for EU customers. I've played some games on RU servers and believe me, spending 20$ there feels like spending 500$ here.
  7. Arena new season full bots(3v3)

    Since season 2 there is no point going to Arena, at least if you want to be competitive. As usual at the end of current season some GM will just wipe the obvious bot names from the top100 list so it will look like legit players are playing.
  8. Actually, yesterday I enjoyed SSP for the first time. There were some teleporting/speed hackers around but they seemed kinda lost and not effective :)
  9. Not gaining exp?

    Quests will always give you a fixed amount of XP no matter the level. If it comes to combat you ust be no higher than 2 levels that the mob you killing to get any XP. The bigger the gap in levels between the mobs and you the less XP you are getting, down to 0 XP (same with coin drops from mobs if you are premium). This game pretty much forces you to move forward with story and zones so staying in one zone for a long time has no point unless you are trying to get some items for achievements and such. Even if you are not premium story alone should easily get you to required levels for each zone and if you also do all side quests it should be more than enough.
  10. Open world 6x6 battleground dying?

    This! When less than 10% of game population has uber gear no wonder nobody wants to play against them. I tried it few times and found it quite pointless. First time it was OK with totally random people on both sides. Few days later it waas either overgeared 1-shotters or cheating premades. Not fun at all.
  11. New gems...

    Ah one of those guys is from my server and his clan is well known to be wallet warriors. They also are know for griefing lowbies in PvP zone. Heroes :D
  12. PSA: Northreach Jewel Candy Machine

    OMG I have over 1k of those valor stones and never knew what to do with them....
  13. Game on auto pilot(no one is working here)

    I saw something about black magic in those threads.... maybe they (Devs) try to explain to us that coding is like black magic to them AND they have some marriage issues so they can't rly fix the game? Seems legit.
  14. Sparkling Elder Dragon Key

    So far I have 12 of those, I think I am getting them from Purple dungs chests, maybe daily ones too not sure.
  15. Blade & Soul is P2W?

    Saves a lot of effort... it is a big understatement. Look at those new gems, maybe a non-paying player can get those in time but this time should be measured in years. No, I am not overreacting here. I do play quite a lot tho I am still in "casual player" brackets, I also did spend some money on this game (not much) just to unlock some extra bank/inventory slots and get few keys here and there - that's convenience. Compared to some of people I personally know who spent 500-1000 euros+ on Trove event alone I look like a poor man. Need to say that I have nothing against stuff being available in cash shop but only when same stuff is achievable via normal play IN REASONABLE TIME. I just can't imagine how long it will take a casual plaer (with aspirations for greatness) to get 6 brilliant heptagonal gems with AP and cool Proc. The amount of materials needed for each transmutation is just insane. Upgrading your weapon/accessories is already expensive and time consuming. Now, let's see what such uber gems/fully upgraded stuff gives you. Will it give you insta win button? Well, in some cases yes, look at Whirlwind or 1vX in owPVP (tho this game mode is dying anyway for various reasons). Will it make your life easier in dungoens, deffo but... if you party up with guys of similar gear setup or you risk having to "carry" those puny 550AP casuals. Fact is that as hard as it may seem reaching 550 AP+ is not that hard for someone who plans ahead, saves gold and has clear goals. I play this game since headstart and got till this point while having fun, socialising and doing stuff as it comes. Nothing hardcore about it tho it took me some months. Most people feel pressure from cross-server dungeon "community" to have 600AP (soon probably much more) to run simpliest dungs while random parties with 400-500AP do same dungons maybe few minutes longer but still succeed. Anyway, back to topic. People who say some stuff is achievable without resorting to VISA are right "on paper" but in reality farming insane amounts of materials needed for really cool stuff takes so much time that most of players will just give up or burn out along the way which will lead to even worse situation for those casuals coz they will not have a) people at their gear level to play with and b) empty zones=boring game (that is happening now on my server). Also, if you treat P2W term lightely, people who invested real money in gear will profit more when new content is released. If I had the level of gear I have now 2 months back I could easily make a fortune just by solo farming Brightsone (which takes me like 10-15 mins per run now). Now it is not that proffitable OFC tho still nets you like 3-5g for Tears alone. If I could run solo some 4-6 man purples the profit per run rises much more. If I have more money to spend I can progress much faster, that is after initial investment of RL cash. In this situation getting BiS gear fast with RL money is PURE WIN, don't you think so? Sorry for a wall of text :D