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  1. That pretty fast can I ask you about true breeze breakthrough ? true breeze 5 > true breeze 6 20 gold 100 soul stone 40 moonstone 150 posion needle took from TW page this is correct? (I guess it's need lower than that)
  2. Here a spread sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u94nLDKyX6BHilwyZD79y3844vpw-0laNffTO6zqvJY/htmlview?sle=true#gid=0
  3. Holy... 100G need 10 for True breeze upgrade who will buy it with that price anyway how much taxes cost for setting 100G item. 70G+ on NA
  4. Achievement vendor for Deep Sea Kelp Golden Honey Fog Mushroom Evil Spirit Root wait for achievement vendor is better/faster though need 1250 achievement point to unlock it. it has a chance to drop from some boss loot box or monster depend on what version western based on. Deep Sea Kelp level 45 version - has a chance to get it from Hajukar loot box level 50 version - fish monster near a beach at plain area Golden Honey level 45 version - has a chance to get it from Black Bear boss loot box at wolf hill le
  5. 1st one I have seen so far. estimate cost right now (jiwan server) 250 ss = 65 gold 10 silverfrost frost = 1 gold (free) 5 silverfrost quartz = 6.5 gold 10 moonstone = 10 gold 5 premium kaolin = xxx (around 20 gold for a material) almost 100 gold now exclude premium kaolin recipe With current material it will cost 10 G per stone.
  6. You can't craft gem hammer on any current version you were on old version which require 3-7 side gem slot (same as gem type) you still see them in some of waiting screen image. On CN you can get gem hammer from daily reward box I had 500+ of them before they implement that godly weapon (S1-S3) a chance to get gem hammer on western is pretty low I got 1 from my 2 character. On CN right now you need legendary gem hammer pretty rare drop/daily reward boxx also cashshop item same price as western version right now (around 3-4 G in AH) S1/ S2/ S3 legendary weapon eve
  7. There is no any problem on CN/TW/JP actually I don't sure how and why but seem like there is some agreement that never been told upfront X to X channel for blue XX to XX channel for red XXX to XXX channel for owpvp something like that if you are a blue player on red channel most red player will never hit or trying to kill you unless you are hitting them first (some player may kill you but it's very rare) you can even wearing faction outfit then afk for a whole day and expect no one will kill you. They are using high-end gear right now only KR and CN has th
  8. TY for clearing thing up I always though it was a random.
  9. Announced for rescue and you will see a light pillar (red and blue pillar) 3-4 spot for each faction. I don;t sure about meteorite but if you being there you will see it drop down from the sky in to a creator near your faction camp.
  10. It's random between - Meteorite - Rescue your faction NPC both has 10 min duration and some cooldown before it occur again. You have to wait there until you see one of those event occur.
  11. Did you really play other version? Right now everything are the same all level 45 soulshield right now on other server is the same as western has. (no one bother to upgrade it's stats on any website anyway since no one doing old content). same for level 50 soulshield weapon acc. HP every stats everything are the same nothing different except western boss HP has most likely 2x more.
  12. Compare to TW server 1 year ago most likely few day after lv 50 expansion. our yeti has m.33 mil more hp TW gear at that time is pretty the same as western right now (character level weapon also true pirate) then why western made it more harder ? Also here present yeti with current gear (awakened breeze)
  13. wow, western yeti has 7.55 M hp almost 2 time more than other region.
  14. Update all level 50 blue dungeon daily quest give 42 silver each.
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