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  1. There is no any problem on CN/TW/JP actually I don't sure how and why but seem like there is some agreement that never been told upfront X to X channel for blue XX to XX channel for red XXX to XXX channel for owpvp something like that if you are a blue player on red channel most red player will never hit or trying to kill you unless you are hitting them first (some player may kill you but it's very rare) you can even wearing faction outfit then afk for a whole day and expect no one will kill you. They are using high-end gear right now only KR and CN has th
  2. Self Quote got it today took me 23 days for this costume to dropped (dropped on 7th run of 23 days)
  3. This is main faction event occurs in new faction zone. It has 3 stage 1. Kill other faction npc at middle 2. Protect mining spot 3. Kill other faction boss at the end Kill terror boss for more bonus prestige point. This event also part of player daily and main source of prestige point, can use this point to exchange for a soul stone box, moon stone box etc... (this is your main income) Most box need a ton of prestige point so a faction rank is a main factor here more rank do you have = more prestige point you can carry. Player nee
  4. 18 days for me now (15 run a day) still no costume drop my luck is really bad.
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