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  1. NCSoft please can we have this?

    There are a ton of costumes that they could really bring out and profit from...it's one of those odd areas that I am puzzled that they don't do more, sooner. People spend money on costumes. And to the OP: I think that people aren't missing that you mentioned just the cat skin :D. This is just what happens when you bring up costumes, we just love talking about them :)
  2. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    Totally agree. In addition to SWtOR, there are many games the healthily encourage Alt's while still being able to support end game progression (in realistic measures). ESO, D3, PoE, GW2, the list goes on... I have alt-itis too. This game has very little to hold me to it other then costumes, and the occasional enjoyment of the combat system. I play for 2-3 days, then drop it for something else. we'll have to see how this game turns out once were all "caught up" to the KR versions. No clue. but I think it's bad choices to penalize alt's like they do. the game has enough against it already, it shouldn't penalize alt's and new players like it is. that's like throwing gas onto a fire in your house to put it out... EDIT: I also always enjoyed leveling alts as a "grind" more then grinding end game content...with the exception of guild based raids (those usually ended up being more for social aspects then the actual run itself). I enjoyed it not just for the leveling content (which you tend to do only occasionally compared to end game content, which is repeated ad-naseum every day), But also because at lower levels, the character progression is shorter and faster. I enjoy the feeling of seeing my character progress, and that drive to get to X level to unlock that cool new skill that I haven't tried out yet. Playing the same character also gets boring to me after a certain threshold, even if i enjoy the class. So I like to switch it up.
  3. I'm an old MMO Vet. Been doing it for near decade and a half. Grinds vary with every MMO, so throwing them into one basket and calling it "Grind" is a bit deceiving. I've had MMO's where I could grind for hours and hours (days sometimes), and not even notice it. well design systems that reward you and make you feel like your progressing can do this. And i've had grinds that I felt like my eyes were bleeding after a few hours. this is the example of a badly designed system. BnS falls into that category post 45. Pre 45, it's a fun process to level. leveling is smooth, skills come at a decent rate, and you feel like your character has reason to progress. There's a slight problem with leveling in this game though...there isn't much to do as you level. Crafting is so simplified it really isn't crafting. the necessity of it to get your few higher tier items pushes people into it, but it's not a very rewarding system as you level it up, and w/o extra resources early on, you don't do much of it until later. it's a severe money sink, with no appreciable reward aside from a few of the craft types being needed to get your gear/skills past a certain point. Crafting nodes are few and far inbetween, and hotly contested. What you get from them feels like a poor reward for the time you spend fighting to get them. Exploration is nil. There simply isn't much to explore. the scenery is great looking, but when you look at the maps, they are so directional that you are pretty much on train rails to level cap. there is very little reward to doing old content, except for those times when you need materials for the crafting (see crafting comment above). again, not allot of reason to stop and smell the roses along the way. there's also no options for gear. you can't even really call it gear...it doesn't show on your toon (except weapon skins). and you pretty much "level" the same gear set you got by the time you are lvl 15. no variance...no distinctive options. no customization in it. nothing worth collecting or admiring as you move along. Everyone has the EXACT same gear with the EXACT same stats and the level them the EXACT same way. calling it equipment is almost insulting to the MMO genre. Skill lines have no flexibility either, you pretty much have 1 or 2 paths. That's not too abnormal in many of the simplified "action" MMO's these days, but the structure of skills (many of them are gated, and you cannot change where they are on your hotbar, and what they do) means that you don't really do much with skill progression other then try your best to learn how they all interact together. At first this is fun and a challenge, as few games really incorporate skills like this one does, but once you are comfortable with your class, you don't have much else to tinker with. for all intents and purposes, it's a PvP skill set in a PvP/PvE world. And you can already get an idea of how PvP works from the other comments. and on top of all that, you feel constant pressure to invest money or see the progress you have slow down considerably. The sub option in this game is also one of the worst I've seen, with little rewards compared to others in the genre. and to top that off, many of the better premium benefits are locked behind gaining prestuge, which usually means extensive investment in additional funds to push your prestige level to 10. ALLOT of monetary investment. that's above and beyond the monthly fee of having the privilege. So pretty much all you do is level up to 45, because you don't have much else to do. then you hit the wall, and have to decide if it's something you want to continue doing. That being said, I really enjoy the combat system...It still pulls me in to play for a few days every once in awhile. but after about 3-4 days I stop playing again. Honestly, if this game had more to do during the leveling process, I'd probably level alts up to 45, and then finish the storylines on them all. I'd love to see a more complex crafting system, where you could actually spend time investing a character into crafting. I'd love to see secret areas to explore, and different types of gear/sets to customize your character. I'd love to see different ways to flush out classes, and reasons to roll more then one of each (aside from visual differences). But none of this is in game. But...no reason not to try it out. the combat is fun. the class structure, even though it's locked, still makes each class feel different and interesting. Just be warned...the game changes post 45, and you need to be prepared for this. I've had a few MMO's do this to me (Like ESO pre-champion system), and it can literally break your desire to play the game. So just be ready. EDIT: And for those who have been playing a few days and are enjoying it, I can understand. up to a certain point, it IS fun. mostly due to the class structure and combat. the days I log in I usually spend half my time on alts below 45. it's what happens once the honeymoon fades, and the reality of it kicks in. When you realize that outside of those items, everything else in the game is either horridly designed, or an obvious push to spend RWD.
  4. Level 50 dailies unrealistic?

    Well, if they only gave us 50% of the SF update, it seems like they gave us the wrong 50%? are you saying that there are more balanced solo Dailies on the Horizon? that they waited to put the effectively scaled progression material in, and just gave us the hard stuff first? they picked the boring 24 man's to release first? Not to sound snide, but the gripe in this thread isn't that they content is too "hard" per-se, but that the released content isn't interesting or fun or conductive to flexible playstyles, and it is vastly different then the 45 content. Not sure how adding 50% more of the same would fix that, unless they really did hold of on the solo content for the second portion of the release. which would be odd.
  5. I don't really watch twitch or streaming, unless it's a dev vid so I can get information on the game. the only time i watch YouTube gaming vids is when I need information. Watching someone else play a game instead of me playing a game never was attractive to me. I don't necessarily see streaming as any more accurate then forum posting. you have a category of players who watch streams I'm sure, but it isn't representative of the population as a whole. Nothing against it, and it sure is finding it's own niche, but I've seen game trends come and go, some big, some small. doesn't affect how I play much at all. Aside from that however, the game itself doesn't really have a solid foundation to last. outside of it's combat system, it doesn't bring much to the table that other games didn't already do. And it doesn't go far enough in any one direction to attract a big enough crowd from that playerbase. crafting sucks, progression is narrower then a train rail, Premium model is the worst I've seen in a long time. And it doesn't seem to go far enough to appease the serious eSport crowd. A game inbetween two worlds. In spite of this I do enjoy hopping in an playing once in awhile. But I can't say that it has lasting potential. I've seen that potential in other games. Just not this one. And I think that's reflected in the streaming numbers. Does it mean that the game is going to die? perhaps not. if they'res enough casuals like me to hang around and play, it may last. But it doesn't have staying power on it's own, and the Monetary model isn't attractive, it's the opposite. if the game was amazing, I'd suffer a horrible Monetary model. If the monetary model was good, it would make playing a mediocre game easier. BnS doesn't have either of those advantages. EDIT: Ah right, sorry. thread was about class changes. On the whole, I think the BM changes are going in the right direction. Summoenr? can't say for sure. All I know is that I have a brother who admits that he likes "easy to play OP classes", and he didn't like playing anything other then the summoner. could be that it really was the combination of easier play style + the high damage outputs. But I also believe in the paradigm of "Risk Vs. reward." And if the summoner was easy to play and easy to get damage/results out of, then that's out of balance.
  6. Add Warlock forum in English

    that's pretty silly. does each forum have their own moderators? our's seems to be behind the 8 ball a bit....took them a good 2 weeks after launch to even get regular class forums in the english side.
  7. Summoner still tops destro when it comes to ease. Destro is almost as easy, but summoner has better DPS early on, and even at higher levels simple grinding is a 1-2 button process. Personally, I find the FM one of the most enjoyable to level, and for me it's all about that. Honestly, you won't really see a huge difference in actual leveling time between say a summoner and a destro, or a destro and a lock. most of the time spent leveling is turning in quests, and running from mob to mob. I can't even get a KFm off the ground, don't like the playing style. seriously...it's better to level a class you enjoy then a class you hate, even if it does take 10% longer or so (which I doubt there's even that much difference in the classes mentioned here). Really, what your looking for is a class that is pro-active in their skill approach. the KFM (and BM) felt really long for me because they rely heavily on blocking and waiting. the benefit of Destro, Summ, FM, and even Blade Dancer, is that they all don't rely on block (lock has a block chain they can do, but it's not critical like it is on the KFM/BM). I enjoyed FM as all of their skill use relies on using both LMB and RMB to build up procs, and unleash bug crits. It's involved, but in an approach that you don't feel like you have to wait for the "perfect' opening in order to kill fast. Best way to ensure leveling fast is to maximize your weapon and accessories to as high as you can go for your level. A.k.a. first weapon level it to Hongmoon stage 10 before leaving the first village (mail stuff over from your main to do it). Then when you hit 19.5, run Blackram, and get weapon for that, and once you unlock the lvl 20, immediately level it up to the lvl 36. that will do more for your leveling speed then whether a class is one or two buttons or not. That being said, summoner really is 2 buttons to level.
  8. They don't need a vote kick. all they need is a radius for quest recognition and loot rolling. no vote kick needed. then if the AFK'er isn't in the same room as everyone else, they don't get quests done or chances to loot. with that, solution works, people will stop afk'ing as they don't get any rewards for it (that's why they do it mostly, for the rewards), and there is no vote kick option to abuse. EDIT: and the fire wall is definitely a different issue. still, easy fix for that as well. get rid of fire walls (and stupid flameballs that shoot at you), and just put up one of those uncrossable instance portals. then make it so that whenever a character dies, they spawn back at the most recent portal that their party unlocked (with the exception of the boss fights that you simply can't go back to.).
  9. Regium corvus non transferable?

    If that's the case, then it's a very poor design. I can't believe that even when they have input in changes, they still would botch it up like that. the costumes that players would want to transfer the MOST would be the rare ones that you only get one of, like the Regium. You would think that NCsoft would actually prefer it to be those rare items over store items. if we transfer a store item, NC loses a chance for another purchase of said item. that and most people I've head gripe about not being able to transfer costumes are bringing up the one shot items, like the Regium. Sometimes I wonder if NC disconnects their breans when they make decisions like this...or perhaps they are just in desperate need of a QA department.
  10. Forum getting worse

    These hits on the forums tend to go in waves. If you notice, we had about a page of them all hit at once, and now bit by bit they are being forced back into nothingness as people respond/create more threads. I'm sure the moderators go in and cancel these accounts...pretty much a waste of time deleting threads unless it's severe (this isn't severe, I've seen worse). It'l pass. it sucks for sure, but at the same time the botters wouldn't promote if people didn't buy. best thing to do is to report as much as you can. It DOES suck to have to deal with this though. The only games that I see this on at this level are the eastern games that have been converted over here. The last one I was playing (devilian) had spamfests like this one too, and i'ts another convert. I play other US made f2p games, and though there are bots there, the forum spam (and spam in chat) are so much less it's not even funny. perhaps its carry over from the other regions where buying and selling like this isn't frowned upon as much. Guess that's the price we pay for a f2p.
  11. Just as a reference point, I did the PvE Dailies in Moonwater. PvE only, including the 4 blue dungeons. I consider myself an average player. running a FM with a stage 10 true profane bangle. ande I'm premium. here's my results: Total time = 1 hour, 20 minutes Total income = 4.5g (roughly) This included porting whenever possible, and a few dungeons were slow due to new players, bad choices. But I did get the 2 boss quests in Moonwater rather quickly, they were timed well with a few people already doing them. If you add the PvE dailies, thats probably about another 30m if you skip the boss daily and the dragon. that will add about another gold. If you do the Blackram 24 man all quests, thats about another 3 gold and about an hour on average (I didn't time this one). But in total for about an hour and a half of work, you almost got the money for a transformation stone. call it 2 hours for a f2p to add in the PvP dailies. 2 hours play for one MW TS. I don't consider that expensive really. it means that up through your profane, your looking at about 2 days per upgrade (1 for the stone, 1 for the cost), and your jewelry will take on average 5 days for the same (if you just do that). So if 2-4 hours of play over 2 days is too much for you for an end game upgrade...well, don't know what to tell ya. I'm not one of those guys that needs an ego boost so I don't try to make 20g or 50g sound easy. for your average player though, 5-6g is pretty easy. EDIT: Oh, and this doesn't include extras you could do to make money, like selling the 5 or 6 blue weapons you get from the dungeons. those average 10-30 silver depending on which one it is, so your probably looking at another gold in just selling those. Selling blue upgrade jewelry will net you even more...I rarely do, don't really need the income. but you could probably bump that number up to 5.5-6g if you do all of that.
  12. People who say BnS is dying

    In many ways I agree with you. Although I enjoy the combat, the story was botched coming over here, and no matter how we want to discuss it, this is a PvP game. They did better then most in having a PvE element (really, this is the best PvE I've seen in a PvP game), but at heart it's a PvP game. which means that for the most part, PvE is a track to get you to the PvP. Most of the other elements outside of direct gear progression that PvE players like are completely absent. RP, Exploration, a REAL craft system, support and benefits for Alts, etc. these things are not here. It keeps me coming in mostly because I enjoy the combat, but there are also other games out there that I enjoy, and unfortunately, this game doesn't have enough to hold me into it like some others do. I still hop in every once in awhile, but I'm playing other games right now as well. I also probably won't invest any more money in it either, they got their cash out of me. On another topic....p2w is a slippery slope, and has more opinions then politics does. you can't just say a game is p2w w/o describing your criteria. right now, you can get everything in Game that you need for progression, thus it technically isn't p2w. But I know people have their own thresholds for what they are willing to endure in grinds before they see it as p2w, So it's really up to the individual to determine how they feel about that. But I'd advise against labeling any game as p2w just because you don't agree with their cash shop approach. there's nothign there that you can't get in game.
  13. I put allot of thought into it, and decided myself to upgrade now as well, for a few reasons: 1) Current chain has skill bonuses (from what I hear), whereas the first few stages of the new chain do not. I hear Silverfrost is a pretty tough area, so I'm sure the extra stats/damage will help. 2) Need something to do, leveling alts isn't hugely rewarding in this game 3) Resource acquisition is up in the air...it may be easier to get certain current resources (SS, gold, etc), the ease of getting the new resources is in question. Add to that the fact that everyone and their dog will be going for them, and this could easily push prices through the roof for items that are contested (as an example, moonwater silicates). all said, it seems that nows a good time to upgrade if you can, while prices are lower (since most the resources are plentiful)
  14. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    This. While I honestly don't mind a bit of PvP, and I do my daily quests relatively easily, I feel that it's in the best future of the game to provide equal balance on both sides. here's what that means: 1) provide PvE players a way via quests to achieve what they need for PvE advancement. buying off the market is really a backdoor that shouldn't have to be. whats wrong with providing a small group of dailies that reward SS? And by PvE I mean quests that do not require you to put on your fraction uniform. 2) provide PvP a way to advance their necessary gear by doing only PvP. I don't think it's fair to force PvP players to do PvE just to get upgrade equipment as an example. simple as that. I'm not against PvP, and honestly this is one of the first games that I don't mind doing PvP on (thought it's really just grouping up for the dailies). And I also knew coming in that Blade and soul was PvP heavy. But there is opportunity for them to increase their popularity if they provide what both sides want. On the note of incentive...I do find it interesting that they have to "Inspire" players to PvP in order to get their PvE gear. It's ironic that in a PvP game, they need to get the PvE players to PvP. you would think that if PvP was so much fun and so popular that they wouldn't have need to do that. but I digress... EDIT: Oh, and to the OP and others, easy way to get the PvP dailies done is grouping up. It helps avoid situations with gankers from the other team. And yes, channel hunting sucks...but at least it's there. my server tends to be red heavy, but there is usually a channel where the blues get theirs done. it's not the best solution, but it's there in the meantime.
  15. Good to know! Glad i didn't upgrade mine yet. And + on the SSD, once you get one your hooked.