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  1. Soul Shields For Assassins

    wrong. dont read this one. when u reach the 1st pruple blackram dungeon, do it and collect the set. it will give u a huge boost until u reach level 33 or 36. When u reach lv33 u can collect and use the Scorpion SS set or you can easily skip this and reach lv36 and get the Tomb of Exile SS set. The tomb of exile SS set gives a HUGE advantage to you coz now ur HP is 3-5 times higher compared to ur HP Pre-36 with TOE SS. when u reach lv41 u can get the other blue SS but i advice that u focus on the "Focused stats" SS like the critical ss in which each piece will give u a guaranteed CRIT+ stats and + a random stats. Or you can choose from DEF SS, ACCU SS etc. Always remember that your Soul Shield is ur main stats provider... ignoring it or giving less attention to it punch a giant hole in ur gameplay. when i was lvl 36, i killed a lvl 41 and 45... all thanks to that TOE purple SS set.
  2. Multiclient/More Client On 1 PC

    Kebabs for u.
  3. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    thanks! so i get his from rolling the wheel huh? thanks
  4. just say... I WANT THE NUDE PATCH!!!! kebab...
  5. *cricket* assassins.

    *poof* cast hide skill... heads to the exit.... eats kebab while dashing....
  6. here a bbq kebab... i also apologize for being a newb kebab ahole... ^_~,V,,
  7. Pinchy is the worst Field Boss.

    what outfit does that boss drop? thanks!
  8. no offense taken, im a newbs too... look at my sig bro... btw, have u tried soloing the faction leaders? or competing with the 4 bosses in moon? there are also faction wars etc... it will be nice if we have a faction castle or clan castle etc... but... the game is out for several years already... but still they cant control the bots and spammers and cheaters and hackers and still getting tons of bugs and dcs etc... do u expect they will even bother about this stuff when nothing is even fixed on the current must fix stuff? here.. try this mantaray kebab... with a dash of lemon and pepper...
  9. Need to balance factions

    kebab, dont wear pvp cloths if u dont want to get attacked... Dear Lord thank you so much.
  10. haha another newbs kebab... Players are divided by 2 factions... the Good and the Good... okay thats confusing... again... players are divided via Crimson or Cerulean faction... Each CLAN must select either they wanna be a Crimson or Cerulean Clan... If a clan selected Crimson, then its members should be crimson... ofc duh... which still makes sense since there are 2 major factions... G vs G are between Crimson guild and Cerulean Guild... so dont get confused and think that faction/guild/clan is the same in this game like in any other fact there is only GROUP 1 and 2... if ur Group 1 then ur clan should be group 1 and faction is group 1 etc... and ur enemy is group 2. simple as that. ... now on clans you get clan crafting, contribution points etc which u can use to buy stuff and use elsewhere... now try some squid kebab with tofu...
  11. Classes and animation cancelling

    omfg.. heres ur answer... all class can use anicancel. if u dont have a low ping, u cant use it. So whats the FQNG point of asking what class? or what least? okay let me give u a kebab with bbq sauce and say you have 1ms latency, surely u can do all anicancel right? yeah right... no... if u did not take that skill or its sub skill then u cant do the ani cancel which requires that skill... now, if u wanna know which one have the lowest count of ani cancel... try summoner..they dont need anicancel.
  12. Classes and animation cancelling

    ur asking the wrong question... you have to ask 1st... how low, how really low does your ping/latency needs to be able to anicancel? now move on kebab...
  13. imho u have no idea what a mem flush or power drain does for ur device especially for games who works perfectly then boom doesnt work at all... Do you wanna learn more? Click HERE oopppsss... sorry, the whole kebab concept just doesnt make sense in your situation. >,..,<
  14. Basics.. The higher the level of the material compared to your upgrading item the better the exp. The higher the quality of the material the better the exp. Just like in making kebabs...the higher the level and quality of the spices, the better the kebab turns out to be... unless you burn it... if you do, im gonna burn you.

    i dont even know how to poop... havent pooped since birth... DFQ... i just kebab when nature calls...