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Tons of random gray named items in my inventory?


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All of these are gray named, I assume are "inferior".


Wooden Dice

Tombstone fragment

Steel armor fragment

Split mask

Sandbiter's stone powder

Red viper mask

Red furball

Raptor beak

Fragment of Darkstone armor

Ancient tablet

Aurora emblem


Well, the list goes on. Some of them are stacks of 2-10 of these things.


Is any of this stuff used or should I sell them for 1c?


What about the mass of "Broken piece" that comes from salvaging items? Are those useful anywhere?

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uhm... u can actually sell all useless stuff on merchant NPC's without worrying if they will have a use or not... just click the sell useless items icon... sorry not ingame so i cant provide a printscreen... but its the coin with a bag icon...hover it and it will say whats its for. 

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