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  1. I found this thread on Reddit... yea the bot situation is getting even worse since the Destroyer bots are now getting replaced by these Summoner hacker/cheater bots now.
  2. The ears/tail on the Lyn is kind of what the Lyn race is about.... removing them will just turn them into kid Jins to be honest. lol As for your fist question, I'm not if there is a weaponless skin for weapons. I would be nice to have a skin like that for KFM's though (wouldn't make to much since to have a weaponless skin for classes like BM, BD, or Destroyers).
  3. That's pretty much what happened to me in the past couple of days as I deranked from low Plat to Mid Gold, I fought mostly BM's and Summoners. The summoners weren't much on an issue and were fairly easy wins for the most part as long as I don't make to many mistakes, the wall of BM's on the other hand were pretty much generated losses (I had some close games but I still lost in the end). Kind of stinks that the melee block/counter Impact HM skills will take about 3+ months of doing dailies to get. I know that HM skill would make a big difference in PvP for FM's right now.
  4. Ever since this change I haven't seen any Destoryer bots (I never encountered an KFM bot) anymore in the Arena (I'm on NA, around ~1800 Gold rank), and only players of various classes (unfortunately mostly BMs that wreck me as a FM). I'm surprised to hear that someone is still seeing bots in the arena. Also, you can just do those dailies with random pugs (it may not always end well though) or you can get some clan members to help you out if you are in a clan.
  5. As far as I've heard (I could be wrong about this so correct me if I'm wrong) there is a unreleased 6v6 gamemode and from what I've heard it is gear dependent (at least on KR severs, I have no idea if they are going to make the gear equalized in the NA/EU version). So that's something to look forward too (I honestly can't wait for it since I do really enjoy group PvP).
  6. If we are taking about group PvE (dungeon parties) all class are pretty good since they all bring something to the table when it comes to utility or DPS (at least to me, I'm not super stingy when it comes to party compositions but then again I never did 4man runs before and in 6man it's pretty much a "as long as the boss dies in the end it doesn't matter" type of thing).
  7. I wouldn't mind something like that so I can just sit back and relax while my mech does all the work. lol ;) All jokes aside, anything unique (like a Fan or Gunner class) would be fine by me.
  8. The answer depends on what server you are on, I've heard on some servers that there are bots everywhere in large numbers. While on others there's not nearly as many. I haven't encountered any bots yet the new lvl 50 PvE zones yet, and only in small numbers in the 45 faction area on the server I'm on.
  9. Not trying to be rude or start a argument or anything but we get at least 3-5 complaint threads about same issues every day (and that's just on the General Discussion subforum) so I don't see reason why a thread that isn't about the common complaints we see every single day on these forums is a bad thing. :\ It's just a simple "show off your characters" thread. I tend to see a thread like this in pretty much every MMO forum (or at least the ones I've played) so I don't see an issue with this.
  10. My first roll was a 6, then a 3. I guess I was a bit more lucky starting this one, but who knows I might get a bunch of 1's and 2's for the next couple of days. lol xD
  11. Got any info on why the class isn't good in PvE, I've heard that the DPS of it isn't the greatest compared to some of the other classes (but still higher then a Blade Dancer at lvl 50), but that's it. I've heard that this class is only available to the Gon and Yun races.
  12. Yea, I don't find much of a point in crafting in this game right now but I'm to bothered by it since I never been much of a craftier anyway in MMOs. Still would be nice to see some changes to it for all the folks who do enjoy crafting in MMOs though.
  13. My Assassin I made almost a week ago. So close to lvl 45. The crazy thing is that it took me only one token to get the awesome looking outfit, and I wasn't even trying to get it.... I just used to it clear inventory space and I just happened to get the outfit. lol >_>
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