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  1. Life after dailies..

    Hey guys, been doing dailies and when im done, im completely lost on what to do! Help! What do you do after you complete all your dailies?
  2. Hey BnS Community! My name is Crit. I am new to this game as of a few days ago, almost lvl 40 and all my gear is maxed to its potential. I seriously LOVE this game. A lot of feedback I have received is " THIS GAME IS RNG" "too much farming for an evolution item" "bots and lag spikes" "Constant disconnects" Yes, these are all frustrating AND IM HERE FOR YOU! Feel free to add me on my friends list.; Critcrying If anyone needs help farming dungeons (fast and easy) for those evolution materials, let me know and I'll do what I can to help! I hate to see people struggle in this game and quit so fast when in reality the game gets better and better! Questions/concerns/help just whisper me and i'll do what I can to help! I will be on tonight all night so feel free to get a hold of me and we can get to grinding! (although im really trying to hit 45 ASAP so if I'm busy im super sorry but will still try and help!!!<3
  3. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    Currently 10 hours into playmode and im 40, seriously alls I did was smack the walrus and focus on just speed questing. It was nice if only I can recall -.-
  4. Honestly, salvage everything you dont use. You will get a ton of MATS. Then sell the grey unwanted stuff :)
  5. RIP Servers again

    So glad I dont have to deal with EU servers. GO NA!
  6. I am having massive Fps Drops

    Same specs, I get quite high FPS at points then it may drop to 35ish. But in the end tis USUALLY good FPS. i hope they fully fix it soon, some people with higher end PCS experience the same thing
  7. never expected a game to effect me :3

    MORE LORE! Cant wait, and the story is great. Just a lot to take in when you want to rush to 45!
  8. Party Bidding System

    exactly what this fella said. Its actually a good method that all MMO's should use.
  9. Definitely something that is required, things change(normally they will announce it) but also to keep you informed of not using third party and how not to get banned and basic terms and conditions. Read through them once, havent seen any change in them since.
  10. Need help? Lets get things done!

    what Razer product do you have? I have the Naga, no known issues. Try to run the troubleshooter or just reinstall. But def report it with the info you were doing
  11. Need help? Lets get things done!

    That probably would have been a good idea right? FIND ME ON TAYWONG
  12. My Complete Review

    Yes I'm definitely hoping it gets adjusted. STill doesn't take away from the awesomeness of this game tho!
  13. My Complete Review

    Also a note, i have a high end PC, sometimes get those odd FPS jumps but you gotta realize also this game came out like a week ago, just over a week. Over a million players already, sure they must have anticipated it, but wow that was a HUGE increase in numbers from the start. Overall NCSoft has never been a PERFECT company, but they are FAR better than most (EA especially) I will be a long time BnS member, and love this game!
  14. How to programatically kill chat bots.

    Also this is a good read that NCSoft DEV team should consider, you make very valid points! Good job OP!
  15. GAME CRASH again again again again

    NEVER had this issue, sorry you guys are going through this
  16. My Complete Review

    Great review overall! I agree with loading screens and the RNG of drops, THANKFULLY RNGesus has been on my side and I've only ran things 5-10 times and getting the item. Also, if you're someone who really enjoys a game, membership is the way to go! Rank 3 membership already and the bonuses are AMAZING. I get 15-20copper per minion kill at times, almost lvl 40 with less than 14 hours of game play (hence all the RNG loot ahha) but really in the end, this game is truly an upgrade from WoW!
  17. Dear NCSoft / Game Devs

    Hey there, first off wanted to THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to play this amazing game which I heard a lot about over the past few years. SO EXCITED AND LOVE IT! But just wanted to say, during my stay here since Jan 20.... My block list has been full for quite some time, then I release a few, see more spam, release a few and block. But this is just getting sooooo annoying. Easy to ignore, I just made my own chat channel with all that non-sense. I know you guys are working hard and had two maintenance to stop this plague, keep doing what you're doing and lets get these spammers to stop! Everyone as a community please report spam and dont just block. Lets put in our fair share of help!(which I know we all do) Other than that, keep it up. This game is amazing, no crashes/lag and F2P is great, but membership IS AMAZING TOO <3 Regards, Critcrying of Mulgore
  18. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Well thats why as a community we all report/block. I did that to 5 gold spammers last night, not ONE message came through as a spammer. I'm on NA so maybe thats why but still
  19. Thoughts on Blade and Soul

    Hey B&S Community and fellow MMORPG fanatics. My name is Crit, long time WoW/Aion/Tera player, as well as other MMOs. After 20 hours of game play of B&S I can honestly say this game has a lot of potential. Classes are quite diverse, combat is quite different than some that I've played, crafting/professions seem easy to understand. The UI interface is quite neat and fully customizable as well. Currently playing a Summoner, I find it easy to solo dungeons and bosses with ease. What are your thoughts on B&S? Will this be the new MMO all your friends and neighbors are talking about or is this game going to die out like the rest? We all know Legion is coming next year and all I can say is NOPE. Sorry, after 10 years I will not go back to WoW. I think I have found my home here at B&S. Food for thought; Premium is a bit pricey, if NC was to lower monthly/yearly prices I would definitely be a long time premium member
  20. Thoughts on Blade and Soul

    Are you running off a toaster? On my SSD from loggin in to being in game takes 2-3 minutes at most and thats when I'm not paying attention and have to put my 6 digit code
  21. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Guys as annoying as it may be, just block and report. I've done that to EVERY gold spammer I have encountered, its not that hard just can be a BIT time consuming. But if we all put in our part as a COMMUNITY this problem will be gone, (maybe not gone, but will not be so bad)
  22. Thoughts on Blade and Soul

    I'm currently lvl 23, and what a great game. Not your general kill this kill that, I like going into those solo dungeons and doing all that. I feel like this game is casual, yes, but I can see a hardcore side of me coming out. I really hope this game expands as a F2P. And they do something about membership being so damn high
  23. Thoughts on Blade and Soul

    SO JELLLYYY! I live in AZ, no snow, no rain, nothing but heat! And I know out east people are not workin due to the snow. WHY CANT WE HAVE SNOW DAYS!! Haha