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  1. Ignore the hat. Did anyone notice how scrawny he looks in that new outfit? Like Yu Chun or what's his name is sporting some muscles in it but Junghado has noodle arms. D:
  2. Did you even see my post? As I said- 3 points spent into Beckon and you can double knockdown with that + Anklebiter.
  3. You need to spend 3 points in Beckon (E) (pull in +knockdown). You use that+ Anklebiter (V) You have to be close to a boss and your cat has to end up facing proper direction but with practice I'm sure you can figure it out.
  4. There's Arena and Open World PvP. You need gear for the latter. All stats are fixed and don't change no matter what your level or gear is. Period. It's really easy concept ffs.
  5. Level doesn't matter either. Only advantage of being higher level is you have more skill points. Everything is equalized there based on your class. I won't help you with soulshields as I'm not up to date. But this thread can help you: It does not include the latest patch but still.
  6. Arena is equalized which means your gear and soul shield doesn't matter there.
  7. No. This game doesn't need macros. On the contrary- it needs better system to prevent anyone from using macros.
  8. My main child... ...And the derp of a cat.
  9. I believe only clan leader can assign another person to replace them. So I don't think you guys can replace your banned one unless a GM can help you.
  10. I main a summoner. I have lvl 49 FM and Assassin alt. I sometimes play on them but not too often though I like them both a lot. I also have 45 warlock but I dislike that class so I don't play it at all. I also have 2 lowbies- Destro and BD. I don't know if I'll level them up or not.
  11. Just chant "swiper no swiping". Maybe that'll help.
  12. There were summoners around lvl 20 on top of EU ranking at least 3 times. Those were all hacker accounts. Dunno if the same person. Probably. One got banned another popped up within few days. I thought everyone knew that but I guess not. Lol.
  13. My god. Nearly choked. This is glorious.
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