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tier list, thoughts?


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44 minutes ago, Deydrayne said:

1st is destroyer

2nd is kung fu master

3rd is assassin

4th is summoner

5th is blade dancer

6th is blade master

7th is force master

this is just a general tier list for na/eu under the lvl 45 cap

aaaaand go!


With the way the game is unbalanced right now the list is going to be a personal preference based on your class.


I play BM/Assassin and destroyer is like in the 4th or 5th spot on my list of difficulty. LBM is at the top of everyones list.

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Tier list is entirely dependent on your perspectives I swear every class thinks their worst match up is cancer. From what I hear though in Korea it's 





The rest


Just what I heard probably not relevant here for a while. 

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KFM above SMN? You say under lvl 45 but a KFM under lvl 45 can't even get his entire rotation off.




List should be more like this (lvl 45 capped):


1. SMN

2. Destroyer

3. LBD

4. Assassin

5. KFM

6. FM

7. BM

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