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  1. I can't figure out why my ping jumps to 200+ in arena does this shit look normal or is it just another one of the crappy issues with NCSOFT Playtime 11pm-1am CST ISP: Cox This is while not in the arena Image PID Local Address Local Port Remote Address Remote Port Latency (ms) Packet Loss (%) Client.exe 7360 58877 10100 90 0 Client.exe 7360 58879 10241 69 0 Client.exe 7360 56965 12100 26 0 Client.exe 7360 56958 6600 21 0 This one is while in the arena. Going sometimes as high as 400+ Image PID Local Address Local Port Remote Address Remote Port Latency (ms) Packet Loss (%) Client.exe 7360 58877 10100 298 0 Client.exe 7360 58879 10241 78 0 Client.exe 7360 49463 10241 73 0 Client.exe 7360 56965 12100 28 0 Client.exe 7360 56958 6600 24 0 Client.exe 7360 49448 80 - -
  2. Remove flags/columns in arena

    This is more of a complaint of when someone dumps me in a corner from a grab and blocks my view not because I want to sit in a corner. Thanks for the helpful post.
  3. Uninstalling, free items.

    I feel you. I'm pretty much headed toward the same path if things don't change due to the same reasons.
  4. Free Plat From Destroyer bots.

    Most of the destroyer bots are really easy. I did run into 2 last night that were extremely good and were harder to fight than actual played destroyers. I think out of the 40+ I've fought on my sin I actually lost to one cause that *cricket* was on point.
  5. Not complaining just the truth

    One shotting people with spin is a bit of an exaggeration. Its eats focus like crazy if you just kite we can't do it for long. Honestly red spin is the least of your worries. Fury+wrath/ani-cancel is where our real damage comes from
  6. Not complaining just the truth

    Summoners are one of my easiest matchups on my destroyer as long as I dont screw up too many times. Most of the matches don't last longer than 30secs :-S Q into their dandelion since its pierces defense it won't go off and then they have to wait out the CD. Use the aoe pull for your Z. CC pet and use grab on it then power slam it into summoner if possible and use wrath. If not use wrath on knocked down pet they will usually put it into the defense stance where it crouches and glows green this will take the pet out of the fight for something like 8 seconds where you can just solo the summoner. Use your 1 with the aoe pull you'll always get a grab out of it on the pet or summoner. Seriously just bait out their tab escape, pop fury and then wrath them with your 1 and 2 cc chain. For Assassins the only tips I really have are if you hit into decoy just tab spin them out. Stay closer to the middle of the arena and it will make it harder for them to kite you. If you know their tab escape is up and you're about to CC them you can just CC then SS and you won't be blinded.
  7. They should really remove the flags and columns on the outside of the arena. Its pretty annoying to have your view blocked by them when you're too close to the edge of the arena.
  8. Assassin vs Destroyer 1v1

    Thats a destroyer bot its not even a real player.
  9. Evasion 100% disabled in arena?

    That doesn't mean it doesn't drop off after X amount of time. The tool tips on here are shit.
  10. Evasion 100% disabled in arena?

    I know evade works especially while stealthed. I've never really relied on that but how long is the 99% buff when you receive it. I assume its probably only 1-3seconds
  11. Always matched vs Destroyers

    I haven't played my assassin since the headstart and was still able to beat them pretty easily. They don't spin but will follow you while stealthed. Just go with a perma stealth build and use the stun/ani-cancel into web tactic. They'll also run right over any land mines you place so you can kite them into that easily enough. Don't use decoy within grabbing distance or he will grab you everytime
  12. Always matched vs Destroyers

    You can also tell they're bots because when they're CC'd they will still face you. I think I played 20+ destroyer bots which made getting my lvl 37 assassin from 1300-1700 really easy.
  13. AFK in Harbor and E.Fleet

    They should put a boss kill counter till Poh spawns.
  14. Gold vs. Silver in Arena??

    I don't recall seeing any silver when im above 1650 but below 1700 who knows. I also get stuck fighting the same guy 2-3 times in a row so RNG isn't clear :P
  15. Gold vs. Silver in Arena??

    Is 100 rating in either direction really the range? I thought it was like 50.