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  1. Misty Wood Channels...

    channels get added and subtracted from what I saw before...
  2. Favorite class and why?

    Blade Cancer and Blade not Cancer I had a BD and I enjoyed it a lot so I decided to make a BM since I heard they were similar and I was happy to find out they were similar but actually offered different experiences, both I have enjoyed and both I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy.
  3. KFM Blade Master Assassin Blade Dancer Force Master Summoner Destroyer
  4. You just might get a kick out of my misfortune

    at least you saw the drop I've gone from 34 - 37 running Yehara shadowstrike and I havene't gotten Obsidian Serpernt.
  5. Gem rarity question

    Pentagonal > Square > Triangle More sides = better.
  6. Gem rarity question

    higher rarity are just better, there isn't really proc rates since most have instances to proc.
  7. hongmoon ring

    Jadestone Village, to the right of town hall name of the NPC is Jungja
  8. Gem rarity question

    takes more to craft em and you get more from dismantling them.
  9. so boring..what to do

    we don't have a lot of content ATM, take a break, make an alt, do dailies, take your pick.
  10. sleep the cat and go for the summoner is your only hope ATM we need 50 to keep up.
  11. Gender changing

    http://bns.mmosite.com/news/02042016/soon_you_can_change_your_gender_in_blade_and_soul_cn.shtml being implemented soon, so you can lay your requests to rest. (not here yet obviously, but, eventually probably)
  12. Top classes in Korea?

    finals was BD and BM IIRC IIRC on their leader boards the most represented are BM Assassin BD
  13. So I'm just wondering when we get Silverfrost mountains, is there gonna be 2 more Faction battle grounds? Will the quests there give more soulstones and is there another outfit that goes along with them besides Elite? I'm just trying to figure out how much the current dailies are gonna be worth as opposed to future ones.
  14. PvP ranks not all in the game?

    That probably means that it just isn't in the game yet. I'd say 5,000 should be the next one, glad to hear Elite is next I want to go buy those necklaces.