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  1. Character Name : Hoopla Your Main Class and Level : KFM Lvl50 HM10 650 AP Your location relevant to your active play time (NA/ME/EU/Oceanic) : NA East Coast Your previous BnS experience (leave blank if none) : Playing since Closed Beta Your previous MMO experience (leave blank if none) : Maplestory, Tera, Vindictus, DragonNest, Closers Online, FFXIV ARR, Elsword, and a bunch of others. Discord availability : Yes and have mic You are willing to use Discord as the primary third party source of communication (yes/no) : Yes
  2. Bump This makes the game literally unplayable...
  3. Ever since the May 4th patch, I've been getting insane combat lag and stuttering. Before I could run dungeons like Yeti and such on 60fps even during combat but now it stutters and brings down my fps to 10-20. The funny thing is, I don't get fps lag when there is no combat going on no matter how many people are online. I've tried turning off a lot of settings after the new patch with no results (even tried reinstalling). Does anyone else have these issues ever since the new maintenance? Seems like NCSoft just keeps ruining the game's optimization more and more with new patches..
  4. [NA] <Mt Tai> l Cerulean Order l PvX Clan l

    Bump~ Looking for active and friendly members~
  5. Want to build a KFM tank

    Tanking in this game consists of putting out maximum DPS while using Counter/Block, I-frames and dodging attacks. Essentially, not taking any damage. There is no hard taunt like users above me have mentioned. If you don't do enough DPS while using the soft aggro build abilities (guiding fist, tremor, etc), you will lose aggro.
  6. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    Except you don't need to stack defense or anything in this game to tank. All you need to focus on is crit + accuracy + piercing.... Evasion later on matters a bit but definitely not as important as crit. You shouldn't be getting hit at all as a KFM/BM tank in the first place. Use counter and block to negate damage while using i-frames for unblockable skills. DPS + Threat skill = tanking in this game. Threat skill alone will not hold aggro for you, you need to put in top tier DPS as well.
  7. You obviously haven't played any other servers of Blade&Soul to be spouting such nonsense. How is the focus of NCsoft aimed at PvP? It is 100% aimed at PvE. Look at all the content release patches, all PvE. Your lack of common sense is killing me at this point. Even the next patch we are getting is all a focus on PvE... Please don't talk about things you have no clue about. Like I said, every MMORPG out there in the recent decade have all been about reaching max level asap and hitting the endgame PvE content. In your defintion, you probably think WoW is a PvP oriented game as well. Smh, at this point I don't think anything can get through that thick skull of yours lol. I'm done at this point lmao.
  8. Like I said before, good PvP =/= PvP oriented game. Sure a lot of people come to play the game for the PvP, but the focus of this game has always been the PvE first, PvP second. If this game was PvP oriented, we would have much more content for it outside of just Arena. We would have a legit GvG, Castle Siege, Loot drops from OWPvP (aka players losing their gear over death) and such like Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2, etc.. And what? Reaching max level in a few days means that a game isn't PvE oriented? What about WoW? You can literally BUY A MAX LEVEL CHARACTER ON THE SHOP, how about FFXIV ARR? Easy leveling in a few days, how about Wildstar? Tera? Any MMORPG that has been released in the past few years especially have an easy leveling system. Now adays, MMORPGs just tend to focus on the endgame aspect of their PvE content as opposed to the leveling experience. Even *cricket* Maplestory is a joke to level in now (no more hours and hours and months of grinding to even hit lvl 120 pre BB). Also with your logic, I assume you think that WoW is a PvP oriented game as well? After all, it has a competitive elo system with a ton of PvP streamers with over 15k views on twitch (like Sodapoppin and such, which Blade&Soul NA will probably never reach). It doesn't matter whether you personally "enjoy" the current PvE content or not. That is irrelevant to whether the game is PvE or PvP oriented. What is relevant is the PvE content out for the game which far exceeds that of PvP content. Not to mention even in future patches, the game will always be more focused on the PvE.
  9. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    ^ Agreed. Besides, KFM and BM will be useless outside of tanking in future patches (DPS is too low compared to other classes).
  10. comet strike-volume 2

    Not worth it. It's nice to have but not a necessity like some classes for the skill books out so far. TLDR: Don't buy it.
  11. Assasin unfair on Arena

    ^ A half decent Sin absolutely shits on KFM.
  12. I never said that you make more Soulstones doing PvP than PvE, I was arguing against people that think this is a PvP focused game when most of the content released is for PvE CONTENT. And Soulstones are shit tier prices in other servers aka PvP doesn't mean shit later on compared to the money you can make doing PvE. Also, running BSH 4 man and getting one skillbook drop will net you way more gold than selling Soulstones doing PvP. Good PvP =/= PvP focused game. This game has always been PvE heavy. Just because PvP is an esport doesn't mean it is a PvP focused game.
  13. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    People like this will start crying once Naryu 4 man and lvl 50+ content 4 man dungeons release. This game REQUIRES a tank for future content. It isn't just a DPS zergfest like Guild Wars 2. OT: Never had a problem with losing aggro as a KFM, I guess BM need a few moments to hold aggro because KFM can get it right away if you are doing 2rf ani cancel perfectly. I have yet to see a BM tank (KFM tank for that matter as well) so great job on you OP.
  14. Damage

    KFM DPS is fine for now. Learn to 2rf (ani cancel wind, not fire) perfectly, stack SP and go ham. Wait until we catch up to KR, we are going to be *cricket*ed in terms of DPS (bottom tier DPS, but still #1 tank).