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  1. Seeing as I have no open character slots because I'm waiting for level 15-20 chars to be deleted they need to implement some way to bypass the 7 day wait timer or make the level range higher. You can do 1-20 in like 3 hours chars below 20 or 25 should not have this ridiculous wait timer.
  2. The info is really helpful guys I haven't been able to find anyone helpful on this. Hopefully this will at least give me a fighting chance against them with some practice.
  3. This is the only helpful information anyone has given me on the topic. It "feels" like the invulnerability to CC is longer on their tab spin but its worth testing out thanks for the help Kutsuu.
  4. They spin spam to avoid cc, they then cc+RB spam and repeat. I don't know how to counter play someone whos immune to CC and breaks my stealth constantly. I haven't figured it out and no one has suggested anything to even handle them. I'd rather just skip the fight entirely.
  5. If you can tell me how to beat a destroyer on an assassin I'm all ears I currently have no idea.
  6. Was curious myself so I could skip wasting my time against certain classes
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