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[Exploit needs fix ASAP] Bugs related to Summoner's Spell "Paw"


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Summoners have a bug at the moment which can be exploited and should be fixed asap, I'll explain how this works so it can be replicated and hopefully fixed.

If you buy a second Martial Tome (Skill Training Page) activate it and place 3 points in the skill "Paw" there:


Press Learn and then switch back to your first Martial Tome which you will actually use.

In the Martial Tome that I actually use I didn't spend any points in Paw yet my familiar still has 41.9k hp rather than 18.4k hp!

If I were to go back to the Martial Tome that isn't active and remove the points there, my familiar will lose the extra hp which makes me 100% sure that it's related to that Martial Tome.


Above is a GIF where you can see me changing into my page where I don't have House Cat but I still keep the HP bonus.



And in this GIF above you can see that removing that 1 point out of House Cat would make me lose the HP bonus. 


Another thing I want to mention is that the skill description of Paw's House Cat ability is inaccurate, nowhere does it say that it's supposed to give extra HP to your summoner's familiar but it does!


Alley Cat's description is also wrong, it wouldn't make sense for this skill to give 15% defense against Bosses' AoE attacks while the House Cat version gives 30%..

I'm assuming Alley Cat is supposed to be an attack buff, rather than a defensive buff. 

Could this please be looked into? (Both Issues of the exploit and the wrong description)

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