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  1. Assassin vs Lyn blade dancer tips ?

    "1 hour" No thanks.
  2. Why assassins are retardedly strong in PVP

    I'm an assassin. I'm going to tell you how KFM can beat us. You ready? The moment we go stealth, get your ass to a corner and put your back to it. Spam counter. Congratulations you just beat assassin. The reason people think Assassin are seen as "op" (I don't really any class is OP in this game, cept maybe you can make the argument for destroyer but anyways) is because our skillsets are designed specifically to cause you to panic and waste all your defensive abilities, energy, mana, whatever. The moment you do, you are helpless and we go in for the kill. Our attack power isn't that high, and we actually don't have that many defense abilities; the ones we do have extremely long cool downs compared to most classes. In reality we're glass cannons, and very squishy. So there you go, I just revealed to you our secret. You are welcome.
  3. Character Design Help

    The afro.
  4. Scorpion Boss

    The bomb missing seems to have something to do with latency, or related to it. I live pretty close to the servers, and have yet to experience a single bomb miss, my EU friend however who is playing on the same server as me (I don't know why he just doesn't go to a EU server, but whatever) has missed probably 3/4 of bombs he's thrown. There's also some animation issue where the scorpion pops up, and then goes back in the ground for a second before spawning back above. As far as essence goes; my theory is that it has to do with amount of damage dealt vs total damage/how many people are participating. The only reason I assume this is because I normally always receive more essence no matter what boss I am fighting if I have been the primary DD and target for the duration of the battle.
  5. Jin-Female Only Costume Release?

    I would just be happy if they gave Jin Males some outfits that weren't blatantly flamboyant. Hell just give us the Gon outfits and I would be fine.
  6. There's a mod you can get to do it. Literally just google "Blade and Soul Voice Mod". You can choose whether you want the JP voices or the KR voices.
  7. There is no Censorship in the Western version. The only version that is censored is China's. The Story and Characters however have been "westernized", so I guess you could call that a form of censorship. Outfits though are the same as they are in KR.
  8. PvP is DOA, guess we wait for BD....

    As an Assassin, I don't have too much complaint about Summoners. Just three things I feel like need to be addressed: First off that blatant exploit someone uncovered last week that allows Summoners to stack skills without spending points. This urgently needs to be addressed, which I assume it hasn't because I STILL have yet to hear anything from NCsoft about it. Second thing is, and not so much summoners themselves, but the aiming system needs to be adjusted because there's been numerous times when I wanted to cast an ability on a summoner and I am very much aimed right at him, and instead the animation still targets the cat. Third and final thing, there's been a couple of instances where the cat knows exactly where I am even in stealth. I mean clearly running right at me and hits with a non AOE attack to knock me out of stealth. Maybe that's just some kind of ability that Summoners have that I am not aware of, but I doubt it.
  9. Summoner weird skill... possibly hack?

    It's a bug. I've found that spam clicking the middle mouse button fixes it.
  10. Account-bound Costumes?

    It's really sad that this is now the normal thinking for the new MMO player. It would probably blow your mind if I told you that it used to be, MMO costumes were FREE. Waaaaaaat
  11. lol no there isn't, get our of here with that. You can't change reality just because it's convenient for you. There's objectively a high volume of Gold Sellers and Bots that come out of SA and Asia. Period.
  12. Appreciation to DEV's

    There's always whiteknights like these in every MMO. If you are going to thank anyone, thank the people who bought premium who keep this game going only to get screwed over by F2P cancer.
  13. Game loses focus on dual screen computers

    I have this issue as well.
  14. It's not unusually for MMOs to offer some reasonable amount of compensation; a free constume, boosted exp, etc. Don't expect that here though.
  15. MAintenance compensation

    They never had IP blocking. They require a KSSN to make an account. And yeah OP, don't expect anything from NCWest. I love B&S, but NCsoft is probably the most incompetent publisher of all time.