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  1. Chat not working

    I talked with RTL support yesterday.They were not even aware of this issue. They say they did some changes but more detailed they can look up on monday.Is anyone still having this issue with RTL? Maybe any other VPN's that dont have this issue.
  2. they might nerf it in like year or so
  3. Chat not working

    Issue is only it those people who use VPN.And so far no respons from NCsoft as always they dont care.Looks like they will kill another game.
  4. RIP Servers again

    Server up for me.And i'm playing. Proof here
  5. RIP Servers again

    Highland Gate or w\e the name of that server is up.
  6. RIP Servers again

    Some kids just love to talk out of they butt about things they dont know :D just to sound smart :d
  7. RIP Servers again

    Played more releases then you and that's 100% :D BnS was released in 2011 and still it didn;t had those issues in Korea.And gues what they had EU\NA and all sort of asian players playing. So yeah keep defending companies that can't port games properly.
  8. RIP Servers again

    Another one who protect crap companies and trying to sound like he know what he talks about :D
  9. RIP Servers again

    More like thank them for not configuring servers right way,without any issues.
  10. RIP Servers again

    Dont talk about shit you dont know ty.
  11. RIP Servers again

    Not like they will read and respond to this thread :D You feed they ignorance with your money. Dont feed them money they will start working,to earn those money.
  12. RIP Servers again

    Well if to be right to NCSoft employees twitter they having lunch right now.
  13. RIP Servers again

    I remembered good old thing that happend to NCSoft
  14. RIP Servers again

    I'm filling like saying no to English version and go back forever to TW,atleast there no server issues
  15. RIP Servers again

    Relationship between NCSoft and consumers