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  1. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    I don't have this problem. Because I know how to point my character in the direction I want to go, hit numlock for autorun, and alt tab. This way all i have to do is check back occasionally to make sure my character isn't hung up on something. This is one of those things that all I can say is, learn to deal with it as it is and stop being whiny, little babies holding your hand out going, "gimme, gimme, gimme."
  2. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    Yes its called an element of realism. While you may be able to sprint longer than your character. You also cannot run up walls nor glide. Now if you want to equate that sprint speed and distance. If you were able to sprint for 15 seconds at the speed your character does, then in real life you'd cover about 3 times the distance as you would just on a normal sprint. Which means the stamina bar adds in an element of realism. You can only do this extraordinary thing for a limited amount of time. So to balance it out to what everyone is asking for here. Sure you can have unlimited stamina, but you lose half your sprint speed, and while you're not using stamina you can't glide nor climb walls. You can however still do a basic double jump.
  3. Faction unbalance has become a problem.

    Exactly this is on the players. Add to that this is a PvP oriented game, with any objective reasons to PVP at all, other than just factions. There's no zone control. There's world Bosses, but you can do those in non-faction clothing. So the PvP in the game is just randomly killing each other without any reason to. Which is why one faction here will always have more people than the other. Why bother fighting for it? This was the same style PvP that was in Scarlet Blade, and that game lasted 3 years on a western release, Aeria shut it down on March 2nd of this year. Also this game has the same basic setup as Scarlet Blade, farm the same things over and over and over, because there is literally nothing else to do in the game.
  4. Faction unbalance has become a problem.

    Choose a faction to get by Chapter 17, then proceed to forget that they exists. Which is a simple thing to do. A) Create your own guild. B) Just do the faction dailies that reward soulstones C) Stand in non-faction clothes laughing at both factions, as the proceed to farm the same stuff as all the bots. Then once you've finished all your dailies. Just log out and find something better to do with your time, like watching paint dry or the grass grow.
  5. Congratulations BladeAndSoul 2 Millions players

    This isn't about players. For a game company a "player" is defined by "account." So now that you know that you aren't counted as a player, but just as an account that was created, which includes bots, as they have to create an account to farm gold and all. Now if you take in to account the number of bots you see on average. Which, you do actually have to look for them, mainly over at the dungeon entrances. Now this, if you watch you'll generally see 20+ bots doing a dungeon, you have to wait, as they'll be exiting and entering the dungeon, to maybe 1 player doing that dungeon. That's a lot of bots. Now let's go with just the accounts. That's account created since launch. Now as there is no way to delete an account, that means even inactive accounts are counted in this. Those that have left the game already are still counted, even banned accounts are still counted. They've done some things for bots, a couple ban waves. Still doesn't subtract said account from the count. As they had to create an account. Now, lets say 1,750, 000 of these accounts are banned accounts, bot accounts, and just inactive accounts. That leaves 250,000 actual players. From here, look at the number of servers, 32 total across both NA and EU. Now just for posterity sake we'll say that the 250,000 players are even distributed across all severs(which we know they aren't). That puts 7,812 players per server. From here if you just look at it population wise, meaning the older the server the more population it has. With this you then take in to account when players actually play, this fluctuates through the day. Which will leave the lower population servers feeling empty, while the higher population servers will not even notice the fluctuation. So while there are 2,000,000 accounts for Blade and Soul. That is all created accounts. This plays in to NCSofts metrics favor, because it shows good metrics to the share holders. So while you see 2,000,000 players. I see 2,000,000 accounts that NCSoft is just using to bend their share holders over for more money.
  6. haha bots make me laugh have a look at this NCSoft...

    Of course they are. Those bots = metrics. Each bot has an account. The more accounts NCSoft has, the better their metrics look to investors.
  7. Does gameguard even do anything?

    Enjoying Warframe at the moment.
  8. If you read it. I said I wasn't sure about the 1 crit gem. <~ This one, not sure what the proc rate on it is. The 5-10% proc rate is on the additional damage gem. <~This is the PoS gem.
  9. BnS Support Team likes to lie ~

    No this is because they can hire them for less. As for Time Warner, I've never gotten anyone that didn't speak fluent english. Of course for me, if I do happen to get someone who I can't understand or doesn't understand me. I hang up and call back again. Plus even with game companies, like other companies, when you call tech support, expect them to tell you the top 3 things that you found with a google search. As far as customer support goes. Remember you are the customer. The company has an obligation to you, not the other way around. If they continually fail to provide quality service. Stop giving them money. If you have spent money, start asking for a refund. Don't let anyone tell you other wise, you are the customer. You pay all their paychecks, including the owners.
  10. Not sure about the 1 crit gem. However the additional damage gems preoc rate is somewhere around 5-10%. Low enough to make using it a waste.
  11. Rome - 162ms Clermont - Ferrand, Fr - 155ms London - 136ms Seoul - 239ms Sydney - 243ms Shanghai - 327ms Tokyo - 214ms Tokyo - 204ms San Fransico, CA - 91ms Modesto, CA - 90ms Los Angeles, CA - 84ms San Antonio, TX - 49ms Dallas, TX - 53ms Austin, TX - 47ms Looking at these numbers I can understand why the EU and Oceanic players rage about ping. NCSoft said they're still collecting data about the lag and such. So I enourage all players to use this and post your results. They want data, force feed them data. This was done without a VPN. This isn't just Oceanic and Europe's problem. My ping from my house to Texas is as you can see, should be 40-50ms. But the moment I sign in to BnS that changes to about triple that number. On average BnS runs at 100-120ms for me. The ping problem is more on the BnS servers than any thing else. You can test it for yourself here.

    Umm are you wearing you faction outfit? Haven't seen a terrors daily yet. I know blackwing is a faction daily, which means you have to wear your faction outfit for it to count. As far as loot goes. Well I've seen this, as has other people. The fact that it's dps dependent just makes it not worth doing. Why bother doing something if those when there is a possibility of not getting loot? That's like going to a sit down restaurant, ordering and paying for your meal, then leaving before they bring you your food. I just leave them alone. They aren't worth the wasted time on them.
  13. I have both of these cards, and looking at a comparison here: I see that, if I'm reading this correctly, that the GTX 550 Ti is better overall than the GT 730. Am I right in that line of thought? I only ask, because I have both cards, I also have a diablotech 675w PSU. I've been thinking about this cause I still have my old computer. Was thinking of at least taking the ram out of it and putting in the comp I'm using now(not sure if this is a good idea). I mean I can have both cards in my computer at the same time.
  14. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    4. Lag PING whatever! I have taken the liberty to share this once and here I am going to share/say it again. Windows 10 communicates with Microsoft 24/7 while your PC is on regardless that you are playing or watching a movie, it also shares update files in a torrent like manner across the internet as long as there is internet, it does it. It was discussed and it was one of the main privacy issues in Windows 10. It's simple to disable all of it however the settings are scattered all over the control panel and they are hard to find. However this program helps you with that, and no more ping and lag issues (or at least not for me) - the program doesn't install anything on your computer, it simply points out to you what settings can be disabled to save bandwidth and gain back your privacy. And the firs thing it wants you to do is download and install. All that for an advertisement?