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  1. Made a warlock today and well, this is the first thing I noticed! I'm sure this isn't where you put your dagger.
  2. Mmo's common features which we miss

    3. Disable camera distance auto adjust or make it optional. Reason: Camera auto adjustment is very annoying. It means that camera distance (independently on max camera distance settings ) will reset to its default for different reasons. Most annoying example is TAG match switch. This ^ , on my force master I sometimes use a defensive cooldown straight away after tagging in just to give me a second to zoom out so I can actually see the enemy.
  3. Class recomendation pls

    NCwest is rushing content patches to catch up to the other versions, I wouldn't be surprised if the lvl 50 patch is before the end of this year.
  4. Misty Woods Key being Duplicated?

    All the summoners in that video don't use any abilities, I'm not sure if any of you guys noticed that part lol. They only use LMB : ^)
  5. So over my few months of playing this version of BnS I noticed this game is really unfriendly towards having friends on other servers within the same region. To be more specific, the following things really bother me and my friends: You can befriend players on a different server during cross server matchmaking, but after that you can never interact with your new friend again. This is because you can't whisper or invite players from a different server, so having had the option to befriend them is pointless. Even though you can befriend cross server people during cross server matchmaking, you can not do this when outside of the cross server system. Since there is no option to transfer your characters to a different server, this kind of sucks as half of my friends started on random servers and don't want to abandon their characters anymore. My suggestion would be to work on making interacting with people cross server, allowing you to become friends, whisper and do dungeons together. I think it would be a great asset to the game and its community.
  6. Character Slots

    You can buy them in the hongmoon store under the services tab if I remember correctly. I got 7 character slots at the moment so I'm sure you can have more than 2.
  7. They removed the boxes, not the currency exchange. You can still max out your account rank without buying NCoins.
  8. 900 RNG boxes purchased, no Jacket :(

    You mean the outfit from the friendship boxes? I'm surprised people paid real money for that when you can earn so much free gold in the game x_x . I'm glad I got mine without spending a buck.
  9. Where to put complains against Moderators

    My wildest guess would be to make a support ticket and tell them your story there, as well as showing evidence to back it up.
  10. I don't trust their item descriptions in the store (for my own reasons), I mean the item descriptions in their store for example say you can only have 3 martial art pages while they changed it to 4 pages 9 days ago. They should use their website for once, that's my only point. Stop bashing me because you know the point was that they are using alternative social media over their own website.
  11. Now you mention live streams which just like Twitter I don't check often. Why does Blade and Soul have a website with a newspage if it doesn't have information about when something leaves the store..
  12. This, I check Twitter once per 2 weeks or a month at most :x .. But it feels like BnS forces you to check Twitter if you want to know when what is going to happen event wise, store wise, maintenance wise.
  13. I like how every of these threads start of with: I didn't trade gold with anyone. Gold selling is not the only banreason in a game lol.
  14. As the title implies I just read this tweet: These chests were implemented on february 17th and are already going out of the store at february 19th. Since the only way to get them is hongmoon points people had to rely on the currency exchange system which is slow af since it takes like 6 hours to sell your 1 gold for minimum price sometimes. (Also I liked how NCsoft changed the minimum rate from 1:67 to 1:51 15 mins after I put up my gold x_x ) My point is that 2 days does not feel like enough time to get enough hongmoon points to buy all the boxes you can to hopefully get the outfit (and for once this outfit actually looks decent unlike the winter box one (which I sadly did get)). On top of that the amount of hongmoon points you can get per day is kind of limited since you can only put up so many currency exchange sales a day, of course increased number if you are premium but still limited. Opinions?
  15. Help with items FM

    On my force master I use the following set up: Awakened Siren Bangle - Stage 10 True Siren Necklace - Stage 10 (My piercing was whack) Awakened Siren Earring - Stage 10 Awakened Siren Ring - Stage 10 Siren Belt - Stage 10 Siren Bracelet (255 Crit Damage, 193 Crit Rating) BSH shield 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 Mushin Tower shield 2, 6 I was supposed to switch one BSH shield to Mushin Tower but I got lazy and it worked out anyway. My offensive stats currently are: 390 Atk. Power 699 Piercing 732 Accuracy 3234 Critical Rate (56.01% chance) 1419 Critical Dmg (211.81% crit bonus) 20 Additional Dmg My defensive stats are: 32.3k hp 878 defense 1272 evasion 338 block 25 health regen 110% recovery I've played this character since february 9th, my advise would be to upgrade your stuff in the following order: Upgrade your weapon to True Profane when you can (Do daily misty woods and daily dungeons for money and soulstones (you can sell the soulstones if you want) Get a Siren Belt from the Blackram Supply Chain and lvl it to stage 5 (It has a fairly high dropchance), as well as a Siren Bracelet (Can also purchase this from the market) Upgrade your Awakened Infernal Ring to Awakened Siren Ring when you can, accessoires cost less than weapons to upgrade and give more stats for the money's worth. (At this stage you can probably do BSH6, Mushin's Tower floor 1-7 (7F depends on your soul shields), and solo Brightstone Ruins (this gives a lot of money) Proceed to upgrade your Awakened Infernal Earring into an Awakened Siren Earring and after that do the same with the necklace. At this stage you're free to choose what you'd like: Weapon, accessoires or even belt. I didn't mention soul shields in the above 5 steps, my order for soul shields was: I started with some Dokumo soulshields combined with Forgotten Brightstone Ruins infused with elite critical soul shields from Blackram (can buy them from the market or farm them in or blackram supply chain), when I had this I went into Mushin's tower (I only had 20 or 22k hp but 1900 crit so it was okay) and easily cleared floor 1 to 6 because well.. Floor 1 I chose the Destroyer and the Kung Fu Master and neither of them do anything if you freeze them non stop. Floor 2 is alright as long as you dodge some of his attacks (Q, E, SS, frost sheath / Frost Armor) Floor 3 I went with an aoe fire build and just got rid of the side adds before the mini bosses would spawn, may require you to time Divine Veil correctly as well as using a healing tonic or 2. Floor 4 is a pie walk stage as you can dodge 100% of what he does by just running circles around him, you can go fire or frost it doesn't matter. I personally go fire to kill off the 2 adds he spawns faster. Floor 5 is not hard for a ranged character either, it's just a dps race before he hits 5 minute enrage timer. He usually rolls around and has 4 things you can step on in the middle (green circles that appear once in a while), each one of them you can step on once and you'll be fine. I went with a burn build for this because he does little damage if you run around (except for the random rock he throws for like 5-7k dmg). Floor 6 I'd say your prefered enemy from the wheel is Ogong as you can kite him forever if you go frost. You can re-roll if you don't get him. My 2nd choice would be Hogdonny, but I avoid the Azure Lord and Dokumo. Floor 5 and 6 Usually drop soul shields and sometimes warrior pouches (30 tokens, which means 1 mushin tower shield if you hand them in), so if you get the hang of the tower you will easily gain some soul shields there. Most of the mushin tower pieces can roll crit, some pieces more than others.. Either way you can get away with mushin tower shield for starters and then transition into BSH ones later on. I hope this helps a bit, if not then welp.. sorry x_x Also, even though I have an upgraded pirate bracelet in my storage, I choose not to use it because 255 crit damage is love.