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  1. 3. Disable camera distance auto adjust or make it optional. Reason: Camera auto adjustment is very annoying. It means that camera distance (independently on max camera distance settings ) will reset to its default for different reasons. Most annoying example is TAG match switch. This ^ , on my force master I sometimes use a defensive cooldown straight away after tagging in just to give me a second to zoom out so I can actually see the enemy.
  2. +1 Think I've seen many people complain about it so far and I believe it is a bit ridiculous the way it works at the moment.
  3. I've tried for the carnivore one for 40 boxes so far but no luck. However I did get the Herbivore from the other area boss within the first box I opened. Both are obtainable just gotta keep trying : )
  4. Pretty much what the guy above said ^ , we usually run circles around the bosses (which means the boss barely moves at all) and use Q and E to evade an attack and move behind him or next to him depending on how close we are to the boss. If we have aggro and we make the boss stay in place (which any good force master does) there is no longer the excuse of the Blade Masters saying "oh we can't get aggro back coz we have to run after the boss". My aggro problem usually has to do with a major equipment difference between me and the classes who are supposedly better at tanking. A lot of people in B
  5. Awakened Siren earring, ring and necklace as well as having a 255 crit damage siren bracelet. I think I'm at 1371 crit damage at the moment.
  6. Dear people who complain about my force master aggro that sometimes happens, It's not my fault that I got 3250 crit rating and 1300+ crit damage when you have 1000 crit rating and 600 crit damage. Basically it's what Inori said, other people in my groups usually do a lot less damage than I do which results in aggro even if I don't attack the first 20-30 seconds of the fight.
  7. On EU rankings summoners are not as dominant. Yes there may be 12 summoners in the top 50 on EU, but there's also 11 KFMs in the top 50 here.
  8. There's 3 stages of Inferno, I think it was Tier 5 stage 2 was unlocked through pvp and the other 2 through pve.
  9. You press escape on cutscenes and tab through the quests, that's how easy it is. It doesn't take a lot to lvl fast in this game.
  10. While we're at it, why not suggest a pill that give you the best soulshields infused with the best stats, fully maxed out weapons with the best gems, maxed out accessoires etc.. oh wait, this entire suggestion is dumb. just like the OP's suggestion.
  11. Honestly, we're not flaming or anything.. We're just giving feedback on how the system restart was not announced for most of the players, probably because of bugs. I usually get server / system messages when the servers go down but this time I got nothing. At the same time my game never disconnected either so I'm still in a frozen world where I see 2 people fight Huren. But instead of letting us give feedback everything gets removed or insta-locked because well, it is afterall a negative experience for the playerbase and we want to express our feelings about it.
  12. I never got the warning at all, not even the you are being disconnected in x seconds.. Infact I never disconnected, the server just froze for me permanently. :x
  13. Demiosu

    Enigmatic Belt

    Enlightened belt is from Mushin's tower, I got 4 of those. Enigmatic belt is nightshade harbor.
  14. Demiosu

    Enigmatic Belt

    I think you're mixing up enlightened belt and enigmatic belt now haha.
  15. Demiosu

    Enigmatic Belt

    I got mine from Nightshade Harbor boss Venemous Thrasher (It was in the box).
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