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  1. Wanting to return.

    I like hearing that, thank you. I will consider :)
  2. Wanting to return.

    Thanks, KzE. Guess I won't bother with this game for another couple months :(
  3. Wanting to return.

    Hi, when I took a break from the game a couple months ago, it was because huge content updates came out one after another and as a semi-hardcore player with 2 alts I couldn't keep up with how fast they were progressing. Is that still the case? I know I could read the official patches but I trust the playerbase more :) Also how's arena PvP now? Important skills still locked behind PvE content? Open-world PvP?
  4. Quit UR Life to keep up with BNS

    They are rushing updates so we can catch up to Korea. This is good for everyone. Personally I won't return to the game until we are there and my advice is that you guys take it easy too. When we are getting the patches the same pace Korea gets you'll have plenty time to get the best gear in all Patch, but until then you'd better settle with 2nd or 3rd rate weapon which already allows you to clear all content you like.
  5. BnS PvP scene in a nutshell

    This video is getting old and boring tbh and this is some of the worst "funny" subtitles I've seen on it.
  6. this....

    Ever heard about this game League of Legends? It runs pretty well despite being free to play.
  7. Suggestions

    I'm straight but I wouldn't mind marrying my best friend for these benefits.
  8. RU Released

    Later they will have non-official english translation you can download and apply to your game. And even if they work with google translate it will be 100 times better thank our gibberish translation.
  9. Can we have 2 free character slots in june

    I want ice-cream. NCsoft please give me ice-cream!!
  10. RIP Currency Exchange

    Why would it make goldselling not worthwhile?
  11. NCWest Ruined BNS

    I've read into the document and it said this system is going to be implemented in BnS but I couldn't find a date on it. Do you have one? Is it the near future?
  12. Bots, Easy win

    NCsoft would see after 10 or so case of banning innocent people that you are not a reliable employee and let you go. Prob also take your own account.
  13. Unlock the Chi Master

    anti cheat people at ncsoft I'm sorry that's probably because it's usually easier to say bad things about games. Plus I don't have recent ingame experience from the past few months either. Just thinking about coming back so I checked out how things are going and most of the posts are talking about the bad stuff so I assumed it's bad. I'm playing FM and KFM and I heard chi master is a mashup of those 2 whereas I'd be looking for different playstyle in a new as alt so I don't care about the new class sorry. :( edit: Quote works funny idk why.

    You must understand silver and gold are neighbours. It's inevitable to match silver with gold unless you want longer queue times of course. And if you are at around 1600 I really don't see the point. Interpret it as gatekeeping.
  15. NC Soft and Cheating... A new approach !

    ^ Is this related to the topic?